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By Mohan Shenoy

Shyness is being timid and nervous in the company of other people as given in the Oxford Dictionary. Most often shyness is encountered in small girls and young women when they are in the company of boys and men. Although a child is not shy in its infancy, it develops shyness as it grows older. However, a girl child shows higher levels of shyness than a boy as she grows up.

A lot of people are shy when they are in the company of elders, authorities, police personnel, etc., if they face them directly. Most people are shy on the stage and in front of audiences. Often the shy face of a little girl looks more beautiful than otherwise. A young woman is more pleasant to look at when she expresses shyness in her own attractive manner. A boy falls for a shy girl even if she is not otherwise beautiful. This shyness therefore is not completely unwanted. A bride always lowers her gaze to express shyness.

Shyness also signifies unfamiliarity with worldly experiences and a shy bride is a symbol of innocence.

Shyness in people is detrimental if it is not handled properly. By being shy a person shows lack of confidence, and courage. For winning in the race of life one has to be self-confident. We need courage to face a lot of situations in our life. We can not remain backward, and bashful. We can not shy away form doing what is intended to be done by us. Children would copy their parents and people around them in developing confidence and courage.

A mother will help her child to become confident if she were to be herself bold and courageous in carrying out her day to day activities which is noted and copied by the child growing in her home. The father will be a model for his children, both boys and girls if he shows confidence and courage in his dealings with authorities and officials.
A truthful man is always fearless. A businessman is courageous if he is honest in his dealings with his customers and lenders. The business community of GSBs and other people are successful only because of their honesty and truthfulness. An honest and straight-forward parent is an example of confidence to be emulated by his child. A child of a courageous parent will become successful in life. To earn wealth we need good health, of course, and good health also means not being reserved, nervous and withdrawn.

This shyness is a part of behavioural health. In other words, the mental health. A healthy boy or girl is also mentally healthy and behaviourally healthy. The behaviour of a child in the company of other people can be a test of his or her mental health.

To lead a successful life one needs to learn ways and means to be self-confident and courageous. Many books on health can give ideas to boys and girls of how to develop self-confidence and move forward with courage and boldness. But most importantly the parents have to show their example to the children.

Every action of the parents is noted by the children and copied in their life. The similarity and identity of the genes of parents and children is well-known. This fact helps the child to copy their parents' actions and behaviours, the language and culture that finally arm them with adequate tools to battle for betterment and fulfillment.

The GSBs have faced a number of situations in their history of danger and harm. But they have come out reasonably well because they are by birth bold and courageous.