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Modern lifestyle requires us to regulate our food-intake and add body exercises like Yoga Aasanas into our schedule before it is too late.

Society gives much respect to elderly people but dislike how some elders take undue advantage and force their outdated views on public affairs.

History is what man writes from memory and observation but the future is what he shapes by utilizing his skills and knowledge.

Courage and boldness lies in going along with our parents, teachers, relatives, neighbours, etc. for the welfare of all, even at our cost.

Novels with "adult content" may have four letter words and other abusive language. Please keep books for general readership and children's books clean.

What Modi said in his reply to President's address in the Lok Sabha regarding communalism was identical to what Pundit Nehru said in 1951.

Christianity spread fast in Europe after 400 A.D. because Bible was translated into local languages. English displaced all, even Sanskrit, in India.

@TwitterIndia what I wish to convey will appear exactly as I write it, unlike in the print media where it gets edited to suit their idea.

I don't understand why Social Security benefits amount is to be declared under the head "Other Sources" and not "Salary" in the IT Return.

Globalization requires India to compete with the world by introducing new currency the Indian Dollar IND equal to 100 Rupees.

Bribe taking is livelihood for a large proportion of people, like for example, tobacco farming. Alternatives are required to eliminate it.

I wonder if females are born physically weaker than males on purpose to fulfill any requirement in their natural functions.

The first thing the East India Company did was to open Red Light Areas in the territories they won to keep peace. Do we learn from history?

I do not know much about women other than my mother, sisters, wife, aunts, grandmother, teacher, workers all of whom feel proud to have me.

I am proud to be a father of a female child (now mother of her own daughter) and give credit to my wife for bearing and bringing her up.

Breaking convention of including only males in line I’ve included all the females in our extended family tree in my book Adyar Gopal World.

When someone wants to make public his or her word or voice apart from the press conference the social media and mobilecast come abreast.

I am not ashamed to change my colours if it helps me to stop brooding over gory past inimical to my present affluence and future prospects.

My Tweet appears only in my home page and the home pages of those who FOLLOW ME. It doesn't appear in the home page of those I FOLLOW.

I am selfish and want many followers so that more Twitters read my post. Any Tweet appears in pages of my followers, not in those I follow.

I can not imagine cattle as meat on the table. One who has no qualms about killing animals, would kill humans with no remorse of any kind.

I can not imagine cattle as meat on the table. One who has no qualms about killing animals, would kill anything.

Do you know by any chance that my Tweets are like my private email to those who follow me and no one else? That is how Twitter works.

One of the ways to be free and enjoy life is not get stuck with own land, house, farm, the immovable. I broke away from root cause of misery.

The Constitution is the guide for governance and constitutional bodies and not, I believe, for individuals to conduct their private lives.

Transparency in governance is double-edged tool. "Sathyam Brooyath, Priyam Brooyath, Na Brooyath Sathyam Apriyam." No need to show all.

Is it possible for any public person to switch the media (journalists) on or off at will? Some such persons have been successful, it seems.

Necessity incites Invention and I can invent something new only if I keep others' approach out of sight and pursue my own new solution.

No matter what happened in the past, even in the remotest, my present and future are shaped by what I think is best in the circumstances.

I have learnt not only from books, from institutions and from others, my path to happiness, but my conscience has been the ultimate teacher.

Whom do I Follow? Simple. I Follow not others. But my conscience, my inner voice formed as I grew up, defining my conviction on all matters.

I think, not only India but also every other country on earth is progressing due to benevolent Modern Science. Plan to live good life long!

I tremble to imagine what India would be if all essential desk-tops, lap-tops, tablets, mobile phones go weird like my computer did today.

Young men must develop boldness to become rich, famous, marry very beautiful person, build palatial house, etc. early in their life.

My mind has to imagine and picturize everything except what I see, hear and feel around me like my body, my room, my house and neighbourhood.

Every person who manages to climb up and become the chairman and thus demonstrated his or her capabilities can also manage the task at hand.

The media, all kinds of them, can make the voice of one into a roar of a million, if there is sense, substance and utility in it (the voice).

The power of Media, all kinds, is like power of God. Man is the father of God and also of Media. When man needs help he recalls either One.

Affluence leads to excessive wastage of food on the table; Deliberate, forceful voluntary regulation can stop us from straining the nature.

What I write in my tweet is what I wish to put out for people to read. Doing so helps me to kick-start my thinking whether it is read or not.

There is no shortage of advisers; information may be incomplete, stale, out of place, impractical, lacks incentive, purpose and worthy goal.

Bribe-takers are angry at the new government and are looking for ways to teach a lesson to the latter by conspiracies not easily detected.

I find that we choose our likes and dislikes on the basis of our customs, language, religion, castes, place of birth and place of residence.

Secure borders of the country and preservation of liberty, language, culture and equality are matters as important as material development.

When I start a project, which depends on the performance of others, I shall not expect everyone to be as enthusiastic and efficient as I am.

About 33% of us will be dead when India that is contemplated now takes shape in 2030; those alive then would say ‘this is not good enough.

Our ancient culture (Sanskrit Language, Religious practices, etc), which our women deeply honour, has kept India united in its diversity.

I am aware that my surname Shenoy obliges me to preserve its social value so that other Shenoys feel proud to own it. So are surnames Modi, Gandhi, etc.

There are so many aggressive young enthusiastic social workers that, if they preserve their honesty and integrity, will shine in due course.

Power of a woman is hidden behind her engaging appearance but it increases with her age and ultimately makes her use it to benefit society.

A person, ignorant of processes of life/death may commit suicide to achieve a vengeful objective but he won't live to see if he succeeded.

I am rich and powerful because the society let me be. After I looked after myself now it is time to help my family, relatives, friends, etc.

The world cannot now deny India is really rich and powerful with Modi government utilizing the nascent greatness of India, such as in Nepal.

I might be rich and powerful but when I help others with money and material I will be careful not to humiliate them for being in distress.

No new law is needed to define Secularism as it is beyond definition and its meaning comes out of its practice. My book "Secularism" in Amchigeli Konkani says it all.

Practicing Secularism is a means of adjustment, consequent upon need to overcome disputable issues holding back progress.

Never mind what others say so long as I have faith in the correctness of my work. Defeat comes because I dither and doubt my aim and reason.

When I want to giveaway (because I am rich and elderly) then, I feel, my wife and children are not eligible. They should stand in the wings.

The fact that more than 120,00,00,000 people enjoy freedom, etc., in India as a nation is itself a great triumph. Bharath is here to stay.

Death and destruction are sad events but they also create opportunities for the survivors. See book my book: The Sense of Vacancy.

Most of what I post in the social media impacts a small section of people, a section much larger than I am, a sand particle on the beach.

Time is out of control which fact I learnt before it was too late. For me to act next, my time arriving is as slow as 60 seconds/minute.

I face conflict of interest when some one close to me speaks against and objects to what I truly believe in with full faith in its aptness.

I fail to understand how even the most faithful would assume that any prayers would be answered positively if expensive gifts were offered?

What is true today may not have been true yesterday and may not be true tomorrow. Truth is relative. Deviations in truth are hard to notice.

I make the most of what I have today such as my home, education, neighbourhood, and not harp on what I had in my past. I look to the future.

In the Constitution, Equality is not based on birth, titles, etc. Even descendents of past rulers enjoy only the benefits of own labour.

I fool myself if I try to treat everyone as equal. I feel at home with people of my race, religion, language etc., by my tribal instinct.

Once I study and learn and start a project then I must educate others for support without which I won't succeed even if I am all-powerful.

Keeping children engaged in reading, doing odd jobs at home, serving at prayer halls, etc., by parents will keep them safe from bad company.

As a human being I am challenged by everything; the sky, wind, earth, water, fire, other human beings, animals, etc., but I keep winning.

A doctor's life is full of challenges just like in any other profession. But there are opportunities to serve as shown in my book: "Hamv Daktru Jallom" in Amchigeli Konkani.

Getting out of the way of those who dislike our style will not help, especially in the case of our near and dear ones. They need our help.

After school and college I embarked as a self-employed professional; studied all Laws and Acts applicable so that I am not caught unawares.

No one taught me that I should stay clear of the traffic on the roads but learnt it myself. I must stay abreast of all Laws and Acts too.

As a small time self-employed professional I kept my books of account myself to avoid falling into a trap and accused of cheating on taxes.

I am sure that Politics was not my cup of tea because I had wife and children to look after. Politicians can succeed well without a family.

Employees are forced to retire at certain age but self-employed professionals can continue to work. I pursued my hobbies rather than work.

One important hour was lost, 8.45 p.m. to 9.45 p.m. on 22-05-2015 in Padmanabhanagar Bangalore due to load shedding. Not good for anyone.

Submitting to the caretaker for bath, toilet, food, etc., is required when we are old, weak, or sick and not fight the caretaker or protest.

I am not a politician, only politically minded and so I do contribute my mite in nation building. For example, I support the Land Bill 2015.

The sun is responsible. Yes, the red hot sun that is responsible for our daily routine and not the cock that crows and wakes us up at dawn.

Right from the time of birth I wanted to draw the attention of people and things around me beginning from my mother, to fight through life.

I am free to do what I want in private but that is where I overlook the fact that I am watching myself if what I am doing is right or wrong.

When my wife acts and behaves like the Opposition in Parliament, who can not be dispensed with, then I have to somehow induce her to concur.

Social media such as help people like me to express views in a civilized manner and thereby quench awful thirst for exhibition.

If I shut all communication lines and deal only with those activities of immediate concern then it is like fasting and can't last very long.

When I was born I got added. When I die they will subtract. But the total mass remains the same no matter how many births or deaths occur.

I always look at the prospects. Is my decision hurting a few but bringing justice to the public in general and to my country in particular?

I cannot be a Russian, nor an American, nor a Chinese, a Japanese or any other National. I can only be an Indian and I feel proud to be one.

When I face a personal problem then my mind searches its memory for past examples but I choose only moral and legal answers from among them.

We write for the readers. We sing for the listeners. We dance for an audience. We cook for the gourmet. The lucky of us have plenty of them.

I have limited agenda but the tools like the social media are very vast and depending on the number of followers my spread is also limited.

I am becoming more and more familiar with connecting to Internet using the broadband line and not spend hours trying to connect like before.

Democracy is somewhere between dictatorship and anarchy. A Republic like India must spend more on governance to keep all her citizens happy.

"Books written by Senior Citizen Authors" shall be given additional incentives. Make their books available at all school and college libraries, in promotional book fairs, and circulating libraries.

I know I should help myself; to retrieve my trunk, I request a tall man to reach top shelf and a swimmer to dive in water to help me get it.

I don't want to become an anti-national by littering, spitting, and generally spoiling looks and feel of my neighbourhood, town and country.

Laws on human rights intrigue me. When an embryo, which the ignorant woman never wanted, is conceived then the Laws disregard human rights.

I sympathize with judges when they decide if the human rights of the woman with unwanted embryo is more important or a living mass of cells.

When I am aware that a National interest prevails over the personal benefit of a citizen then I understand why we need to save a girl child.

It takes 9 months for a conception to result in birth. Citizenship claimed of the country of conception should be as valid as that of birth.

I always have difficulty to comprehend time. Yesterday appeared to have passed at a high speed but now the next hour seems to be crawling.

I was a science student and Economics was distant to me until I read a few books. Economy reflects nation's resources and moral integrity.

Economics is as good as Ecology, which is Earth Science and not just money and commerce. I want to think Economics as ABCD of moral living.

I was like any other adolescent, later a young man was a prey to vices but I found smoking cigarettes or chewing paan are the least harmful.

If there was ban on smoking in 1950-60s, like it is now, then I might have taken up some other vice such as drugs, alcohol, etc., as is now.

I found drinking 4 cups of coffee or tea with/without sugar is worse for health than smoking ten cigarettes a day but all of them help man.

Rise in use of drugs and alcohol is a counter-product of ban on smoking as the drudgery and boredom of 8-hr work needs recreation for youth.

When I think I am the smartest then a bolt from the blue hits me that there are so many people on earth that consider themselves as smarter.

For me, smoking a cigarette (a habit not an addiction) helps in dieting, in moving bowels well, in refreshment and relaxing in-between work.

Experimental animals are made to smoke more than 40 cigarettes a day to detect effects, is it not? Smoking like many things is double edged.

A danger of smoking is fire coming off an unextinguished butt or a lighter, match box, etc. Another is chronic effect on respiratory tract.

60 years from now there won't be any tobacco product available in the market. Man won't stop looking for other means, like liquor and drugs.

At present there are millions of helpless innocent smokers on earth; the anti-tobacco lobby is shaming them. Governments are buckling under.

Anti Child Labour lobby is also shaming honest hard working innocent poor urban children engaged in work for their ROZI-ROTI and education.

I am only 1 among millions of people on earth, only 5 ft 3 in ht and 68 kg in wt but I pride myself that my mind spans the entire universe.

After reading about living conditions in the past couple of centuries in India, I find that there have been changes in life for the better.

My mind can picturize a lot of scenes by imagination when I see through my eyes, read books, newspapers; watch TV etc. hear through my ears.

My mind can make me happy, make me feel tense, feel afraid, become devotional, recall events I saw or I did before and build my personality.

I had a MWC (Mind-Wisdom-Conscience combination) of parental and ancestral cult at birth. I had to adapt to the modern society as I grew up.

I say, "Mine is Truth." You say, "No, mine is." He says, "No, you both wrong. Mine is." The Wise says, "You fight. The winner's becomes Truth."

I look like one person but my mind is multifaceted especially showing two persons; one that has animal instincts and the other human morals.

Repeat the slogan at every bend and it will become a hymn hard to erase, without a question whether it is true or false and for all to sing.

My motivation to live has been a woman all my life, be it the mother, sisters, wife, daughter or granddaughter in spite of any impertinence.

My eyes mistake a rope for a serpent but my ears recognize the roar of a tiger unmistakably. I sift information and select; yet I go wrong.

Any public property is not mine and therefore it is not right for me to maintain it. Abolish public ownership and then see how town shines.

It is not possible for me to order people around to keep their surroundings swatcha and clean like I do. They say, "mind your own business."

When it comes to maintenance the recurring expenses for it have to be provided, which if I ignore then I am ruining my property on purpose.

Private (for the Public): Being a husband and a provider I am all powerful but in front of my wife should I become just plain dust the way she decimates me?

I am lucky to get help from unexpected quarter but I have to spot the source and encourage it to help me, nay make a fervent appeal for it.

In the Digital world, the Non-Netizens that is the computer illiterates will loose their ground even if they are otherwise well-educated.

I won't know if my colleague, friend, relative, comrade, neighbour, etc., get offended when I write or say something that I know is a fact.

Time, Surroundings, Social features, etc., keep changing. So, I stop reminding myself of any wrong-doings of anybody to keep hating them.

I was made to learn so many things in which I was not interested during childhood and later. My tries at self-education expanded my wisdom.

Giving gifts is not an easy job because the gift given must not only be useful but also reveal the personalities of both giver and receiver.

Feeling insecure is my inborn defensive character. Only my experience and MWC (Mind, Wisdom, Conscience combination) helps me overcome it.
My face is a tool to show friendlyness or enmity by smiling or grimacing but often I put on an appearance to suit the occasion and people.

Elderly people: a burden on society. Not all, but many. Pension amounts paid out by governments, corportns., are huge. Product very little.

After children are fed, educated, got a job/business, got married and moved, then the parents are left with surplus to fight among themselves.

Peace of mind is not meant for the young. In my youth I was constantly agitated to acquire knowledge, skills, popularity and stood in front.

I have to get used to properties and values these days, as every single word or phrase I create could be my valuable intellectual property.

Anything can acquire a sale value if I find a buyer. One who creates a demand for his merchandize will get the best price for even a scrap.

The world as we see it today is the result of the toil of millions of humans; for some it is most liveable, pleasant and for some it is bad.

The most confusion I got into was when elders advised me that I have rights to work but not its rewards. I always eagerly awaited my payday.

I would not succeed in building up an amicable atmosphere with my neighbour if the latter is by all principles against my very existence.

I have learnt not to dislike a person or group that belongs to me and my country even if they disagree with my actions and motives, often.

Language is man's strongest tool and I want people to know my language but I always try to learn other languages whenever there is a chance.

Welfare benefits must be available to those who deserve them but I would never like to be a beneficiary of welfare handout if I can help it.

Q: Where did I learn not to lean on others for my well-being?
A: At home from my mother and especially from my father unknowingly by either.

When I want to jump into the water to save a drowning person, will I do it if I can not swim? Urge to help others requires introspection.

How do I find out what I am doing is appreciated by my people? Not by their silence but doing it until they raise their voices against it.

I got my income tax refund within 20 days of filing ITR. This never happened since I began to file IT returns 40 yrs ago. Achche Din Aagaye?

Research and invention are necessary in manufacturing products supplying specific needs and not a matter of wild pursuit for name and fame.

In the modern world, title does not carry me far. It is my mettle that gives me recognition and a place in the society. Am I worthy of them?

How can I forget my dead parents, grandparents, former teachers, dead and dear friends, dead former national leaders, dead social reformers?

After having lived for so many years and read so many history books I don't know why there should be any controversy on death penalty today.

I took much time to get into my head that a political party in power is not the government in power. Shame the party but not the government.

When I got married I did not realize those responsibilities, which were not mentioned in the books that came with my promotion as Grihastha.

I am now more than convinced that every staff member, officer, employee or other connected with running trains wants our Railways to shine.

If I could manage to provide a shelter, clothes and food to myself and to my family then I would have accomplished what was expected of me.

I become emotional, part of my mind wants to rush and react when I see, hear or read about injustice, atrocities, etc. But I control myself.

I wondered why some children beat a kitty, maim a puppy and stone a pigeon, etc., while others don't. They are the way they were brought up.

I am sure any man, woman or child would respect me if I give him/her my regards such as by inviting him/her to join me for a gorgeous lunch.

My mother was happy when I did what she wanted me to do. India is happy when her government does what she looked for and wanted it to do.

I remember all I did for the society but society does not oblige me and remember my contribution; I was only returning what society gave me.

I may be grateful to my parents, teachers, etc., but these days I am also grateful to my neighbour, my locality, city, state and my country.

I do not want myself to become a bad spectacle in a meeting or public place but I can only be myself and be proud of my appearance as I am.

Do I have listeners? Do I have watchers? Does my speech arouse curiosity? Does the content make sense? Then, all I say and do are worth it.

I try to play my role as well as I can, on life's stage; I make room for all others, adjust to their act and match myself to the play's run.

The Europeans populated the Americas, parts of Africa and Australia but not Asia, particularly not India owing to our deep-rooted culture.

I have discovered that four walls of my house protect me during nights and, when I am in the open, the passers-by are generally my saviours.

I cast my vote quite frequently and results are often surprising. I feel good when candidate I voted for wins and works to improve my life.

My mind does not close shop, except in deep-sleep but deep-sleep is a boon granted by nature and earned through hard work for good health.

I know that cash in hand is like handy life. Wealth in bank, in land and buildings, in gold jewelry, in shares etc is like handicapped life.

Speech is a double-edged weapon. I get hurt more by a derogatory comment but my MCW (mind, conscience, wisdom) hold me back from revenge.

I try to sift and soak the best wisdom into my mind and keep the cunning vermin away. But why would I stop pursuing my favourite objectives?

I like to plan my projects and execute them as best as I could but I change the designs along the way to make progress and not back away.

Our mind and body are tuned with the movements of sun, moon, stars and now also with the man-made satellites. Read my book, "Let's Get On With Our Lives."

Fearless leaders that are stoic nationalists and aim for development of the nation can succeed if we the people elect them to high offices.

Anniversaries such as dates of birth, death, wedding, etc., of relatives and friends alive and dead remind people of collateral events also.

Knowledge and information require processing to suite the ground realities to apply them for our day-to-day needs and we must know how-to.

Most ordinary people do not have much time to visit various social media sites and read the brilliant posts, which go blown up in thin air.

A few people advise me on Economics not knowing they show their political, racial, ideological, religious, and social colours, which it is.

If there is no "happiness" in Economics; only money and commerce are depicted then the discussion is incomplete. Good habits are essential.

Labels ought to be unambiguous. Often I find that I am the one who misunderstands the information on the label because of its ambiguity.

Do I want my speeches, my writings, my images, etc., to be available after I am gone? But I won't be here to see them; what does it matter?

Bandh (mass shut down) is inhuman; more inhuman than violent storm. Only proves how much life depends on politicians' role; mass infliction.

The choice of methods of protest to bring the government on to its knees requires ideas by responsible citizens to avoid mass inconvenience.

I claim myself to be a Digital Indian, made into one by acquiring an Internet connection through broadband & Wi-Fi. I still write on paper.

I can understand why some people praise me; if they knew my past they would say, "It is a lie." A life is too long to be good every moment.

I am one in a large population but to help us to produce more and thereby increase our GDP, I can't buy more, eat more, consume more alone.

I have often lost my temper when I was verbally abused for wrong reasons. As a result the person was more cautious and stopped repeating it.

I think each person enjoys his life maximum when he makes up his mind that he has already satisfied the wants, and attained his life goals.

Full Economic Development is not what UN Economists have determined it to be, but the point of fulfillment of one's life goals set by oneself.

Happiness is when Economic Development allows people to choose their life's amenities like they want in keeping with the overall progress.

I am not expected to earn more than my needs, once my basic expenses are covered and I have enough savings for any emergency. I shun greed.

The Universe is so massive and space and time are so much infinite that even if the earth gets densely populated the climate won't change.

More than any damage to Universe, it is the damage that people suffer due to increased carbon emissions that remedial measures are proposed.

Am I an important person, an IP? Unless I regard myself as an IP and keep myself engaged in demonstrating my capabilities I lose the status.

I keep on doing what I feel is right even when my distracters discourage. Even those who are close to me could be jealous of my triumph.

When I meet another person, more than anything, it is my physical appearance, especially my facial expression that determines the outcome.

Civility requires us to inform the host before hand that we are coming and not gatecrash even when we have an invitation. Is it so? Thanks.

I find it not easy to comprehend but it is true that a citizen is part owner of the country and the government is elected to serve him/her.

I find it not easy to comprehend but it is true that a citizen is part owner of the country and she/he must contribute in its maintenance.

Happiness is no doubt possessing more money than what I spend for my life's needs. I keep a check on what I consider my needs and save more.

I have learnt not to leave interpretation of signals to chance. My MWC (Mind-Wisdom-Conscience combination) will keep off alluring traps.

Authorities say that the refund has been paid but there is no credit entry in my bank account through which I had booked the ticket online.

If the Transport Corporation says that the refund is paid but no credit entry is found in my bank account even after 7 days what do I do?

Disputes regarding online transfer of money are already commonplace. Payer can help by providing payment reference number and not just date.

Taking care of a dependent but troublesome person is a challenge for care-takers and tests their patience, endurance, sense of responsibility.

Authorities say that the refund has been paid online but why don't they show me the details such as acknowledgement they got from the bank?

I got my cancelled bus ticket refund owing to the power of line; the internet line; the line in the word online's power. I now have gained.

No matter how much my mind gets elated, I care for my body by regular exercise, healthy diet and peace with nature, rather than be euphoric.

If life is comfortable where I now live, and I love the country I live in then I must stick to this place and not think of moving abroad.

First I decide what I need and then plan to get it in the easiest, cheapest and often effortless way but never by unlawful or unfair means.
I can't forget the fact that my citizenship binds me with the country. I must fortify the bonds, not allow myself to be made a double agent.

I feel the pressure my body exerts on my mind through their own links making me fearful of actions that cause illwill, hurt relations, etc.

Happiness is the result we look forward to after our hard work. I feel we have a right to the result and not just work. Be selfish and gain.

When I travel with my young friends I got to take a shower and not a bucket bath.

March 2017
When I travel with my young friends I got to take a shower and not a bucket bath. So is using on older browsers.Our location is the center of our life for the moment. All we do from here is relative to date and time we do them. Record it for posterity.

Everyone has a reason for what one does. Not knowing the reason makes the observer handicapped. I generally don't believe all news stories.

I do not jump to conclusions anymore as easily as before because there are chances that my understanding is erroneous and reality different.

Who will read my books? Hardly anyone. I wrote them and published them and that is enough for me. I might read them if I live long enough.

Why did wisdom dawn on me and stopped me from getting down into water on the waterfront on that day is not the question. It is the answer.

I saw a 1960s-movie made by a famous director recently. Movies, books, crafts and everything created in India could be outstanding products.

An intelligent person could be a difficult entity to please. Only truth and facts that are scientifically proved will entertain him or her.

It is not enough to be intelligent unless I know how to explain what I know in easy to understand language or I write it down for posterity.

It is a million times harder to get a living thing such as a human child born but it is so easy to finish one off; shows cheapness of life.

My mother just like all mothers, could not shirk her responsibility towards her children, which is basic to continuation of life on earth.

As I grow older the opportunities for me to become useful to the community begin to disappear and donating to charity is all that remains.

The world is factual multiplicity while my mind is a screen in which thoughts appear one at a time. My prowess to visualize world is tested.

Our mind, a cloud really to store but not an exhibition hall to show all at once. My ability to pretend forgetfulness of invectives inbuilt.

Whatever happens on this earth is limited on account of natural facility. Even our mind can not reach outside nature. Yet attempts are many.

I know that my body and mind go along with the diurnal variations that occur around me all-day and I function better by moving along with it.

I did not know for sure that most youth belonging to the present generation are well informed about what constitutes good and bad behaviour.

Written and printed word is immensely long-lasting than the spoken word unless the latter is also made long-lasting by audio video-recording.

Much of what I do happens because of constitution of my body. Many bodily processes are involuntary. It is easier to go along with Nature.

If I close my mind to new information and thus block new ideas from transforming my ways of life then I am bound to face potholed prospects.

If I say I am happy then it is only for civility. How do surveyors decide if I and my people are really happy or not? Which foot ruler used?

It was water, sunlight and earth that brought about life on earth, the last of oxygen and glucose first. No water? Never will it come about.
I am more liberal in the sense that I do not dictate terms to any man or woman getting married to a counterpart of their well thought choice.

Often it is too late to reverse what I began to accomplish,
especially if it concerns materials rather than just skills, talent and acumen.

I do not anymore find faults with people doing things around me
because I was myself not faultless, impeccable, perfect, on the target, etc.

My mind is a computer which has many GBs of memory. It gets power from my brain and body and connected to outside by skin, eyes, ears, etc.

My mind is my virtual expanse limited only by my knowledge and
belief, the last keeps changing along with more of facts exposed and proved.

When someone gets award for which many others are eligible, then there is vain jealousy creeping up in me but grapes are sour; aren't they?

Stories of torture abound in world's history sometime result in compensation being paid by descendants of the torturer after many centuries.

I don't wait for a gigantic opportunity to make it big in life because smaller the cake easier to eat it. Also there are many others waiting.

I wonder how present world could be called a better place to live in than in the past in view of on-going conflicts, draughts, floods, etc.

I am not surprised if I can buy food rather than cook it myself at home but it is not the question of money; it is cleanliness and freshness.

I consolidate what I learn by putting it down on paper or in a file in my computer because the subject thereby becomes a hard lasting copy.

Background information about the person I talk to on phone comes to my mind immediately and helps me to control what I say and how I say it.

My hazy and uncertain thoughts that originate in my conscience become clearer, wiser, easier, and printable when I begin to write them down.

I have name, fame, facility, friendships, family, and you name it I have it except one thing that gives real happiness: compelling laziness.

I am elated when I do any work that fulfils my aspirations even if my work isn't appreciated by my own relatives, friends or acquaintances.

Unexpected instant income puzzles my mind but ultimately makes me happy because I can now reset my priorities to a beneficial higher level.

Most of the work I was ever engaged in was basic necessity for me to live and hence I was bound with Nature that lead me to do good things.

For me, like for everybody else, self-respect is important. And also respect of my family, community, region, language, government and Nation.

I don't think I would enjoy things that I didn't work
for; but if things are thrown at me for me to enjoy then probably I deserve them fine.

The lion roars and so it has to go hunt for food. If the lion were to speak sweet talk then unsuspecting prey might come to
him in his den.

Three years they say are enough to adapt to a new place,
neighbourhood, language, etc., and none would blame me for forgetting my past zone.

Legends and mythological stories direct us to think and do
things today the way they narrate but I decide to do it all in the
modern way.

If I have to fight against strong forces for my rights and
likely lose the battle then I rather join those forces and gain similar benefits.

Holidays are not always holy days. If I do not have money or do
not want to spend for outings and vacations then holidays are a loss to me.

I rein in my mind and thus my actions and speech. I know that what I do or say matters very little for people at large. Hail work and words!

Vested Interest made me work hard for the good of my family,
friends, region, language, community and Nation. Selfishness is need of time.

I was told repeatedly loudly that "vested interest" is a no-no for social causes; turns out the term was deterrent to private welfare schemes.

What is published in the newspapers are reports the authenticity of which depends on its effects and its relation to ongoing controversies.

Other people might fail me but me is determined to look other ways where there is brightness and welcome sign to try again and succeed. Wow!

At least democracies and elections have surprises in store; allow change sans war and violence, make minister pauper vice versa phata phat.

Voter education must include watching if prompt and up-to-date revision of Voter Lists done or not; no name in the list is loss of Votership.

Imagination and prediction are my mental functions that arise out of my brain-embedded knowledge, info, beliefs, conscience and conviction.

When I complete a project successfully then I am ecstatic regardless of financial fruits, name and fame, rewards,
accolades, and thumb downs.

I am on my own when I begin to earn my livelihood and more so after I lose my parents and guardians. Even more so when I survive my wife, G!

There is guideline for each and everything I do under instructions from others but for personal work I prepare my own guideline to succeed.

The tiger is a very powerful animal but look at its development. Tigers never built a house, reared animals for food, nor raised an army.

I fight those adverse conditions that affect my health. I provide my body and mind ammunition, viz. proper food, rest and exercise to win.

My reach to do anything depends not just on me but on how many do I command and how much is our combined
resources, properties, funds, etc.

There is no magic and no mantra of any kind in my growing up into a man. I could not by nature become a tree, a lake, or pig if I wanted to.

Forgetfulness afflicts every brain as it gets older, thereby losing some or all of technical, mathematical, practical, historical knowledge.

I have come to realize that unless I kneel down and beg for favours and gifts, I will be ignored; many entities will ignore silent aspirant.

My mind as if trudges along poorly maintained shores of a rapid stream; remains alert to prevent a slip that will result in fall and drown.

Civilisation stands against Nature. Nature over time demolishes man's structures. Men rejuvenate and reconstruct civilisation. This repeats.

I am convinced that this.. and that... Our conviction is only judgemental belief rooted in our mind and we think it is true top to bottom.

We can not determine the capacity of our memory like in a computer disc and neither can I see all the screens in a wide angle view. Spatial?

I can divert my mind, stop unwelcome thoughts from streaming in and make it think good things but can not switch my mind off unless I sleep.

When I own a property, a car, and I am married with wife and children I will have my hands full of things to do. Maintenance is challenging.

I watch my beliefs and convictions going through my daily routine to make sure they are worthwhile and change or remove them if fictitious.

Full stop is a dot or a vertical line that cuts the sentence off. Death is such full stop and takes us away lock stock and barrel, truely.

As years fly by and I get older I scan my life to know if I have been a good man or a bad man. Others might talk good about me in courtesy.

No one will complain about a dead person unless that person had committed a number of heinous crimes when the person was alive and powerful.

To the extent a doctor can treat her own little ailments by herself, she will do it by herself. But if she needs hospitalization then what?

We hope that the doctors are life-savers on the beach of ocean of diseases ready to save us from drowning. Chance why some suceed! Not all.

Once an achiever has achieved, an adventurer got what he wanted and the future looks empty then the world looks small and life too short.

I would not consider protection of my interests more important and ridicule my competitor because ridiculing is against my inherent nature.

I live inside a big well and know not what lies outside. But I can imagine what lies outside and declare my vision to be true and factual.

I think everyone needs a companion right from the time one is born. Ideal companion is a woman because a woman can become a valid companion.

It takes about 2-3 generations for the progeny to be reformed from low to high of habits and character but longer for conscience to change.

All my beliefs are in my conscience, but I think my belief is strengthened because many others also believe what I believe is really true.

I can not sit quiet if I am asked a question by someone whom I can not ignore. I can say, "I don't know the answer," and show I am a friend.

If I have been busy for many weeks and when all work is done, then the next step is to wait for results, reactions, gains and loss from it.

If I live with someone reliable then it will be foolish on my part not to keep him or her informed of my activity and movements for safety.

If I look like a dog or behave like one, then onlookers would treat me like a dog. I cannot expect the onlookers to mistake me for a human.

There are many rich, wise and bold people who become jealous of the upper mobility of their relatives and friends. Jealousy injures health.

It is up to me to decide and take action and solve problems that crop up in my day to day life. How well I do depends on my wisdom and idea.

Nature is mighty and incorrigible and connecting with Nature will turn me into a beast, curbing innovation, expansion and further evolution.

Human flatus, I assume, contains damaging gases and with such a huge population of the world the amount released every second, catastrophic.

I might be willing to keep my surrounding clean but I hope everybody else also keeps their surroundings clean. Daily watch is needed by all.

Democracy strengthens itself if the citizens avoid loss to property by arson and costly violent protests and govt. is careful in appeasing.

Development and progress with distinct improvement in our lives since the 1950s are noticeable if we study the changes in scientific terms.

Surveys and Reports of scientists and scholars employed by businesses could be biased even at the cost of public interests and welfare; yes?

Governments in India, both in the Center and the States are married to Democracy; Difficult to understand her. Need patience and tolerance!

Work undertaken by man for all-round development in life on the earth and around it is damaging the environment, in the long run. Be alert!

As more and more people crowd our city, the voice of individual citizen becomes less and less loud unless shouted in the Media including TV.

I suffer/enjoy my life. I automatically leave behind all I had when I go; anything left by me belongs to either my nominees or contenders.

Each of us have a nature and an individuality which we got from our parents and ancestors and which requires to be nurtured further for use.

At least 50 percent of my progress in life is facilitated not by any  'unknown hand' but by people with whom I live and by society I live in.

I wasted a lot of time and energy to follow the so-called
"advice" from older people in the past. Older
people's ideas are mostly out-dated.

With the fast advancing science and technology the living elderly stalwarts are confused; they try to devalue the benefits of modernization.

I can not fool myself by acting like a young man when actually I am quite aged and lost acumen and agility to drive vehicle in city traffic.

I have realised that power is useful when accompanied by knowledge and information, because otherwise I would blow into an unwieldy monster.

After a lifelong observation I notice that smart women prefer to have a baby and bring it up, which is more valuable than a job or assets.

Never in the past history has India been at a prolonged war as an independent nation. Short wars with the neighbours have not damaged much.

I have realised that it is only a chance when I make gains and turn happy because sometimes my efforts fail to yield. I say I am so unlucky.

It is but a fact and entirely certain that a man or for that matter even a healthy and strong person will one day die. Death is unpredictable.

Death is inevitable but living preceding it is an enormous and magnificent application installed at birth for me to learn how to enjoy life.

Happiness is having least encumbrances. Got to earn money; save it; buy jewelry, land, vehicles and become prosperous and then distribute. I can not move an inch without cooperation of people around me. I need lot of infrastructure to accomplish even basic tasks. We are woven.

I have realised that the motto in life is not Moksha or Nirvana but
causing birth of babies and bringing them up. I have succeeded in this.

Our babies grow up to be our replicas but their character is formed by what examples we and their friends demo during their development.

It is only now I know that at the outset parents helped me to bring up my family and I in turn helped my children do same as a natural course.

Every activity of mine is my own initiative and if I carry it out
in the best possible manner then it could be a feather in my cap and a win.

Like everyone else, I am too held up by intellectual and physical
limitations and therefore any of my shortcomings are inevitable,

Do l have confidence in myself? Does my leader have
confidence in himself? Does he succumb to dishonest criticism? This has been answered.

Job provides good opportunity for happiness only
if I work with dedication, honesty and sincerity but the
employer's attitude is important.

I make mistakes due to lack of information and poor communication and not because I am intent on hurting someone. I must study and plan well.

My capabilities won't be revealed unless I am given the post and power and all facilities and staff required to carry out the tasks my way.

I know that I am not born in any political party; I can switch my loyalty and vote for any party I like; that is the beauty of Secularism.

More choices we have more difficult it is to pick. I make sure my name is in Voters List. EC officials succumb to traps and delete wrongly.

If I do not hold up the banner of my parents and ancestors then I
would lose my identity and none can evaluate my life's
accomplishments. No?

If a person is born in a family of criminals then that person would not like publicity and his/her mannerisms are subdued. Virtues important.

This generation will not live long enough to see digitisation make currency worthless, possession of property nominal,
jewelry only a show.

"Data" is invisible except to an inhuman device and understood by persons knowing its language; no physical existence; free as  godly air.

Wealth doesn't always bring happiness; nor poverty always sorrow. Only future generations would like experiment with developmental benefits.

Future generations need guidance to solve this. No language is hated; but for India English is foreign. If not Hindi then only put Sanskrit.

rules language. Business promotes, employs and develops it. Not
aggressive enforcement. Don't twist tongues. Unite minds. Join

My Mother tongue Amchigeli Konkani is neither a State language nor the Official. My children and grandchildren don't speak it. But millions do yet not enough.

Sanskrit is the source of words, grammar and style of all Indian languages but foreign rulers and their cronies displaced
it and left rift.

The decision of the British Parliament to close India Shop in 1947 showed new direction to the world, from which India has gained a reality. A new India will emerge when government officials and staff do their job honestly. Ministers politicians and public can shout from rooftops.

Now I don't forget that in life everything takes time and waiting
is an essential part of happy living. Haste brings misery. Hope shows way.
If I know what I am about to speak is not true and yet if I go ahead and speak the untruth for ulterior motives then I am cheating myself.

When my own close relatives challenge me by objecting to my spending my money for charity or social causes then I can only feel sad at most.

I have very little extra money but my close relative prevent me from spending it on social causes which only reveals how greed affects life.

I think every citizen will ultimately learn that hoarding gold, cash or real estate endlessly results in being a custodian, not the enjoyer.

No words or sentences are able to fully and correctly describe our feelings and most often we use words wrongly and it results in mistakes.

When I find people making adverse remarks against me, I always ask them to clarify. I give them another chance to restructure the statement.

I will make purchases from shops & services located in the area where I hold a function in order to get maximum support of local community.

I have learnt that my mind and everybody's mind is faster than real time and also that everything that we plan takes time to fructify.

Those whom I regard as my own people are always worthy of my compassion, my willingness to listen to their criticism, discuss issues, etc.

Economics is more important than anything else and I am happy to have made Economics and good habits as my guiding lights in all that I do.

When I failed in an examination, I did not back away, but renewed my efforts to do well in the repeat test by focusing on my weak subjects.

I do not speak the same matter in the same tone at every occasion. I chose what I must speak and how depending upon fitness of my listeners.

When I venture into a new project, some of my people do not want me to embark on it citing problems, but I was ready with solutions to them.

A large crowd gathers to celebrate an important memorial. I try to follow my plans. The programmed course deviates to current circumstances.

When I experiment with new projects I expect both success and failure. I ensure that there are funds to cover losses arising from failure.

My main motto is not to harm anybody by my actions and this I achieve by executing my plans using only my money. Those disliking stay away.

There are many occasions when I spend money and perform social service even if there is no tax relief applicable since the targets deserve.

I am not an exception when it comes to feeling down by bad weather, air pollution, irksome noise, power failure, etc., but I somehow manage.

As a human being, I am a civilized animal and I must strive to become more civilized than an animal especially with my fellow human beings.

I have stopped looking at gory scenes, brutal actions, etc., and stopped reading about similar incidents so that I never commit such things.

Since childhood I have learnt many things by observing what others did but I know that I should choose only good people, scenes and actions.

Good habits and morals are enshrined in our Constitution of India, which if taken as a religious book could help all of us to live in peace.

I like the saying, "Give Respect and Take Respect". I don't let anyone barge into my house, oust me and claim to be a noble person next day.

I have found confrontation to be not good to solve problems between two powerful individuals since it keeps them away from talking solution.

World is in turmoil, was in turmoil from its beginning and remain in turmoil till it ends if at all. But I find ways to clear the confusion.

There are so many things that touch my life everyday but I take up any work only after I had completed daily routine such as wash and bathe.

The chief facilitator is our body which although stands as tough as our ancestry permits, the prime engines are our wisdom and good habits.

I know that I cannot claim all the credit for all the successes of people whom I might have helped during so many past years of my life.

I feel handicapped because many of my age-old friends do not use an email address, or have facility to browse the internet for use and info.

I think the "warming" of Earth is its destiny, ongoing since centuries and not worth the noise. Consider how slow and minimal the damage is!

I think, the "warming" of Earth is a part of its evolution but Civilization, Science and Technology continue to alter its course and speed.

I think whatever man did or doing that causes global warming has nothing to do with climate change. The cause-effect connection is in doubt.

Carbon as I understand is a basic component in Earth's structure and all materials begin with Carbon and end with Carbon. It is inseparable.

Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon are burnt to produce energy required to remain alive. All return to form new fuel and keep energy cycle turning.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable. Solar source is considered renewable but indeterminate. Nuclear fission is highly specialized and exclusive.

Climate change: Man has the potential and if he tries hard he will come out with a new mode to produce electricity without the carbon peril.

There is no shortage of electricity scientists among us to think in terms of other than magnate within a coil and invent a new power source.

Climate change: Who is responsible for greenhouse gases? You and me and the entire animal world produce and expel more gases than Industry.

Who is trying to frighten me by accusing me of causing Carbon damage? I am not the only one causing Carbon damage but the whole world is.

I do not agree with the "Warning" not to prosper materially but prosper only spiritually, to prevent former from damaging the environment.

Spirituality is primary need but environment friendly material prosperity props it up and facilitates its practice with the least hindrance.

When my friend began manufacturing consumer goods decades ago he was praised for showing the way of development but not warned of pollution.

When I was a juvenile, adolescent, teenager and minor, decades ago, I hadn't known about any Laws other than my conscience that warned me.

My conscience is my own precious property that added value to itself through the years and guided me to become a good law-abiding citizen.

Configuration of my conscience (sense of right and wrong) occurred as I grew up. I preferred good habits on account of my ancestral trait.

A resolute salesman would seek even those buyers who had spurned his past offers and may visit their home to make a deal and sell his ware.

When I need to convince a neighbour that I am right and the neighbour is wrong then I don't fight with him but try out all avenues of peace.

"Monetology"is a better term than "Economics" for the subject taught in schools, colleges, etc., because it is all about money management.

Consistency in the quality and specifications of every piece of a brand month-after-month are important keys to its demand and popularity.

Success in business is not all chance. Simple thinking and honest dealings coupled with focused excellence in every step ensured my success.

All-round customer-satisfaction depend first on my own satisfaction in how and what I am selling, honesty in pricing and after-sale service.

I have authored and published many books. Not many people read them. They are not textbooks and not of required reading in a school/college.

It takes at least 2 minutes to read one page of standard paperback book and one could read non-stop if reader has time and likes the book.

I find a sea of difference between the attitudes of a publisher and an author whose book the former publishes, especially with thankfulness.

Printing a single copy of a book and supplying it to the customer is now getting popular. It averts printing a large number at each edition.

Self-publishing is in vogue now with many printers providing facility to print even a single copy of the book anytime the customer demands.

Reading e-books is a pleasure and also eliminates need to hold the heavy book while reading. An android device and some practice are needed.

Self-publishing avoids business conflicts between commercial book-publishers and authors, since the latter continues to earn royalty forever.

Self-published books are not admissible in some of the literary competitions for awards because the commercial publishers wouldn't approve.

Titles winning awards spike up their sales bringing good returns to their publishers; a reason to oust self-published titles from competing.

Inviting authors/publishers to submit 6-8 copies for the judges to evaluate provides huge pile of free books, fetching a fortune at the end.

Self-publishing authors are hard-put when they are made to submit more than one copy of their book to enter a literary award competition.

Self-publishing authors dispatch their books to the literary award competition at their own expenses unlike those of commercial publishers.

The financially powerful lobby of commercial book publishers has denied the right social standing of self-publishing authors in many ways.

The organizers of literary award competition generally do not acknowledge the receipt of books submitted by eager self-publishing authors.

Print media ignores self-publishing authors. I have not seen any book review of self-published title in newspaper even if copy was provided.

Innovations in printing technology and mechanization are going to make"print to order" of books the preference for customers and authors.

Any cinema we watch for entertainment could also convey hints that we might apply in our day-to-day life and hence shown with full caution.

I would not defile the word Freedom or the word God. But freedom to exhibit photos, movies, paintings, etc., publicly is crux of the matter.

I would support the Censor Board of the Government if it prevents public exhibition of any cinema that is likely to disturb law and order.

Censor Board is like court of law (quasi-judicial) and therefore its decisions are to be handled by the aggrieved person like a court-case.

Censor Board functions like the editor of a book does, by which movie is examined to remove harmful parts to make it useful to the public.

Censor Board certification insures that the movie the public watches is not anti-national, not anti-social and favours good over bad habits.

Our Constitution is the guide in making decisions by all government agencies/institutions including the Censor Board for all public cinemas.

The most important qualification of a member of the Censor Board is a thorough knowledge of our Constitution and its fundamental principles.

The Censor Board is needed to make sure the theatres exhibit only good movies just like the police department is needed to curb lawlessness.

I wish the producers of movies for public screening understand the difference between private and public when they talk of "Freedom" in Arts.

I wish the Censor Board would take recourse to an Adalath to show controversial movies and elicit a consensus from elders and stakeholders.

My name Mohan would not be pronounced correctly no matter how differently I spelt it. But Karnaataka is a better spelling and easy to write.

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