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When I was young like aged 16 years, I did not have to think about diet because my food was mainly staple vegetarian food. Even now I am a vegetarian but at 80 I can't eat the so many different varieties of food available. I regulate my food-intake. Yoga? I always performed Yoga.

Do I ever run out of ideas for posting tweets? I post my tweets for all to read. I only want to express my views and state my opinions. I am not conversing with any particular person or persons. I don't consider myself competent to give advice on a public platform to the society.

What I have been doing during my adult life reflects upon our first few years of life at home and in the school. Our character and behaviour was molded by our parents, relatives, friends and the society I lived in, in that period. They took care so I wouldn't dropout by weakness.

Air pollution is reported to be more in the sub-Himalayan region in India. I suspect that this is because air moves northwards from all of rest of India, carrying with it all particulate matter (PM) to Delhi and other northern cities making those southern regions pollution-free.

Working for others rather than being self-employed, like starting a grocery store, is a matter of personal choice. Opening a store is preferred by those who are born in the families of businessmen. If I want to take up an employment, then I will see if I am qualified for the job.

I have experienced the insufficiency of education when it comes to engaging in my career following the degrees and diplomas I got. The certificates are not proof of my capacity and efficiency until I consistently don't fail to do the given work well and as expected in my career.

Is asking for a charitable donation a form of begging? Yes; it is on behalf of those to whom the charity amount is spent for. Donations that invite a tax-exemption to benefit the giver also. Donation to members of own community is different.

I was trying to plan right from the age of 13 or 14 years but I did not get proper advice to select my career. Similarly, I would have preferred to plan my retirement life so that only a friendly person lived with me and not a tyrant.

The results of the five assembly polls confirm the democratic institution in India is very strong. Democracy thrives when there is a strong opposition party, as strong as the party in power and the general election results are neck-to-neck between the two.

I have noticed that our strength requires a strong mind to lead our lives effectively and enjoy a sense of safety. Fear is inbuilt and tries to suppress my mind from making the most of my knowledge and wisdom. When I have company, I tend to forget fear and get along quite well.

Whatever I do will bear fruit only if what I do fits in the present time and space because the nature will not help me if I try to get things done beyond nature's prescribed and predetermined time & space limitations. There are laws of nature that curtail our mind's adventurism.

Today is a new day. The sun is bright. In the kitchen cooking gas cylinder is full. Water flows in the tap. Breeze is coming through the window. Milk sachets are delivered. Coffee tastes good. Beedi smokes pleasant. Motion and urine passed as usual. What else do I need to be happy?

"He did it. He was an honourable man. Therefore, what is wrong if I also do it?" I can do good things. Not bad things. Regardless of any honourable man having done it. So are other things that we do. I am responsible for all that I do. Not copy anybody else, honourable or not.

Humans always developed deep friendship with their personal possessions including their land, jewels, money, and other personal assets. This is in fact an animal instinct retained in humans. My book, "Bond of Land" is a novel woven around this concept.

I am conscious of the need to select correct words to convey the intended meaning to the readers. For example, look at the word 'follow'. Such common words have different meaning in different sentences. It is important not to confuse the readers, unless I have an ulterior motive.

Only love and respect for the nation and a strong desire to preserve the unity, despite the diversity, on the part of the masses, will prevent setback in the move towards all-inclusive prosperity. We must stay united and stop few revengeful people from coming together to harm us.
Sensational headlines without supporting discriptionary matter in the body of the newscolumn, amounts to fake news. Electoral bonds help keep black money out from both donor and the receiving political party and make even anonymous donations for the public to keep an account of.

Man finds reasons to take a holiday or celebrate by calling his friends and family to a feast. He would spend money but often his wife would oppose his decisions and cut down the number of people attending the feast to only two, she and her husband. Man can't complain to anyone.

There are instances when I find myself helpless to get someone to solve my problems. This is because the problems are such that no one can be taken into confidence to relate it. This is where I need time, to sort out the problems myself, using my own intelligence and wisdom.

My brain requires tinkering in order to dig out information from my knowledge, my intelligence and my experience, so that I find my way through the maze of difficult tasks that I take up. It is like an artist who paints to create a scenery or a portrait using colours and brush.

Civilization has restricted man's natural ambitions. An abandoned baby can not be carried away by an aspiring couple and adopt it silently like in the past. They have to get legal permission from local magistrate. No one is allowed to grow incognito. Our IDs follow us everywhere.

Today is the first day of the year 2019 all over the world, which is an effect of globalization. The fact that the number represents the year after the birth of Jesus Christ acknowledges how widespread is Christianity. There are many national calendars, but none has caught up.

My India is a huge country and the results of a general election to the parliament seats are so very unpredictable. Somehow my India has been strengthened and not weakened election after election. I am sure this time too, we will elect a progressive, sensible, and suitable party.

The world has shrunk into a large conglomerate of nations and therefore a large nation like India has a big responsibility to keep peace and run the conglomerate without any disruption. The business of the world is internal so long as either Mars or another planet not colonized.

Economically backward people are those who declare their annual income as less than Rs. 8 lakhs or monthly income less than Rs. 66666. Half the population of India probably fall in this group. 10% reservation should be decided on the basis of lowest first, and average of 3 years.

In the world of 2019, women are more equal than men as in many advanced countries. Men do not like the traditional institution of marriage but instead wish to live together. They can quit if problems arise or if doing so is beneficial. Weak-willed immigrant men are sought after.

I don't understand how a court or an authority can make a person speak up and explain why she or he should not be removed from the position he or she is holding, if the person knows that she or he has done something wrong and speaking truth will definitely go against her or him.

Often an intelligent and respectable person will face a situation of being a colleague and a spokesperson of a foolish leader. No one would like to justify wrong and false statements of a foolish leader except so called sycophants. It is far better not to follow a foolish leader.

I am impressed by a speech that is spoken with emphasis. People around me think twice on what is spoken. Empty speech sounding like a roar ultimately gets analyzed in time, by our intelligence and knowledge. Only the faithful blindly follow a talkative, verbose but rich leader.

Television brings the news and events with speech and visuals for us to watch in the comfort of our homes. Movies, talk-shows, discussions and entertainment that are shown in the TV keep us engaged every moment we can spare. With a TV set at home there is no boredom of any kind.

When do I celebrate? I celebrate when I complete a difficult task and I become successful. I am so full of joy that my pride and my happiness break out of the personal confines into the public space. I wish to share my joy with others. I arrange a party, and invite a big crowd.
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