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Adyar Gopal Parivar
An extended family of Adyar Gopal
Adyar Gopal Parivar Society
Public Importance
This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
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Adyar Gopal Parivar is a club of descendants of certain ancestors.
The club can not solve family disputes.  The club helps the members to contact each other and solve the problems themselves.Every family has disputes regarding marriage-relationships, in-law relations, regarding property, money, prestige, business, social activities, and hosts of other matters,The club can not interfere or advice the members to do this or that to solve the problems they face with other members of the Parivar.

Future plans to add more member services.
Hold Annual General Body meetings
Hold birthdays and death anniversaries of prominant forefathers of the Parivar on sponsorship.

The Parivar is an opening for contacts by the members with each other for any or all reasons, but mainly to keep in touch with their cousins.This club can be used for other activities including sports events, theatre events, dance programs, dinners, etc.

The members can use this club to contact other members and avail of the pleasure of knowing their cousins.The club will maintain a directory of the members with their postal addresses and telephone numbers which can be used by the other members to contact them and meet them.

What do you see in this website?

This is a website of the extended family of a man who lived in the 20th Century in Mangalore. His name was Gopalakrishna, aka Gopal. He was born in Adyar village now within the Mangalore City Corporation. In short this extended family consists of stories of the ancestors and descendents of Adyar Gopal. I am a son of Adyar Gopal.

Disclaimer: In this website there are details of the families that form the Parivar, as collected by Dr. Shenoy over the years. The information he collected from the living elderly people is reliable but can not be taken as evidence in legal issues. This is not the place for authentic information needed for Law or in court cases. There are photographs and portraits of the members collected by him by either taking camera snaps of the photos shown by the present descendents or clicked by him whenever he met them personally during Parivar meetings, family functions and visits to their homes. But, nothing given in this website may be used as legal evidence. Dr. Mohan G Shenoy hereby disclaims any or all responsibilities for any harm suffered on account of such use of material from this website.

Benefits of joiningAdyar Gopal Parivar
This website is non-commercial. There are no sales of goods and services through this website. No membership fees are collected from the members or from any person. No donations or charitable contributions are accepted. The website is entirely funded by Dr. Mohan G Shenoy from his own sources.

Privacy matters: Any one who does not approve of their information, photos or videos posted in this website can write email to Dr. Mohan G Shenoy at [email protected] for deletion of the same. Upon receipt of the request for deletion such matter will be deleted without delay. I have tried not to post anything that normally disliked by members of our community.
Also we are publicizing our parivar activities only and not of individual members. There is no interest of any kind to the general public to get to know details about our parivar or what happens at the annual conferences of the members. Adyar Gopal Parivar is published on the web and so it will all be available to the public at large. For queries please call Dr. Mohan Shenoy, the Convener of the Parivar at +91-80-26797278.

Family Lines: Adyar Manjunath family, Mijar Annappa Kamath family, Sampige Madhavray Kini family, Manchkal Lakshman Kudva family, Bantwal Baddakatte Ramachandra Kini family, and Mijar Madhav Shenoy family are the only families discussed in this website. Adyar Gopal belongs to the Adyar Manjunath family.

Conventions: Annual conventions were held every year from 2007 onwards. There are details, photos and videos of these conventions in this website.

Other contents: There are articles written by me expressing my opinion on various subjects. There are details of my travel to various tourist destinations along with photos and videos. There is a page displaying the front covers of books authored by me and brief descriptions of their contents. There are links to the merchants from whom the books can be purchased.

I acknowledge that the music, vocal or instrumental in most of the videos in this website is borrowed from CDs and recordings produced by various Copyrights and that I am grateful to these Copyrights for their permission to use them.

This website places advertisement of the members at no monetary consideration to the members of the Parivar. Contact Mohan Shenoy to place such advertisements and announcements such as the birth, death, wedding, etc., using email [email protected] or through feed-back
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Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy had three sisters and two brothers.  His grandfather and father, both died in the small-pox epidemic that devastated Adyar village in 1909. Apart from the descendants of Gopalakrishna and his brothers and sisters, there are no other survivors in the Adyar family of Adyar village.


Adyar Gopal Parivar has members who are as old as 70 and even 80 years but this club is just born on the 23rd September 2007 by being inaugurated by one of the active members, viz. Sri Manchakal Mohandas Kudva.

The Aim of the Parivar is to unite the members of these families into one cultural and social groupNow it is considered necessary to set up a website for publishing the activities of the Parivar, and therefore this website has come into existence.
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