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By Mohan Shenoy

        Environism or Greenism are names for a new philosophy of environmental concerns. Like all theories Environism also suffers from abstraction until it can be scientifically and mathematically confirmed. Every activity on this earth creates or helps to create what is considered a rubbish or garbage. Greenism is defined as a doctrine which shows strong concern about environmental safety. Greenism is finding ways to either prevent generation of waste and disposing off properly any waste generated.

        Environism is also about safe-guarding the Ecosystem. Ecosystem is difficult to define since it is always changing, the changes being unpredictable.Ecosystem is what we find as the beautiful earth with the blue sky, a sunny day and normal seasons. Even floods, tempests, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, torrential rains, earth-quakes, land-slides, lava-spewing volcanoes and all natural occurrences on earth and in the universe are all part of the Ecosystem.

        The Green Activists (GA) are those concerned people who protest dumping waste in the oceans and other water bodies. The GA would also protest if a road is built across a plain landscape because trees and shrubs may have to be removed to build the road.

        A special kind of GA known as the Tree Lovers (TL) are those activists who protest cutting trees in a town or city to make way for buildings, or other civil structures.There are some governments in some countries who pass statutory law to curb various activities that might theoretically damage the environment. These laws are very powerful since they impose heavy penalties for breaking them.

        Among the penalties the penalty of imprisonment is the most dreadful. A person or company that breaks the law might also be penalized with a hefty fine. Often the penalty involves stopping an on-going construction of a township.The order by a government to demolish for example, a newly built building that is considered to be a threat to the Ecosystem is probably the most topsy-turvy penalty. The czars in the environment ministry tend to come to the conclusion that the building is preventing the development and progress of the normal Ecosystem in the area. The building is anti-ecological and also posing future threat to prevention of decay of the Ecosystem.

        This new philosophy known as Greenism is threatening peace in the life of people. It is difficult to explain to the authorities that Nature by itself is irregular as sensed by the human eye. Filth, garbage, waste are but products of nature itself. They continue to form as the human activity continues.

        Ambiguity in the theory of Greenism is giving wide scope for calling even useful and unavoidable human activity as causing damage to the environment.Increase in the population in a country causing crowding causes damage to the environment.

        Authorities are taking drastic measures to prevent damage to the environment but they are unable to stop population growth. Less the population easier it is to prevent damage to the environment. Since the government can not propose to send people to the gas chamber to reduce the population, it is imposing harsh and unreasonable conditions in the name of protecting the earth from future damage.


Why the scientists are worried about the climate?
By Mohan Shenoy

        The hottest news at present is the worry about the slow change in the temperature of the earth and its effects.

        The ordinary people do not have the least idea if the temperature of the earth is increasing. But the newspapers have been writing long articles about the possible effects of the slow rise in the temperature of the earth. The most common fear stated is that the icebergs in the Arctic and Antarctic regions melt and the seas and the oceans rise to cause flooding of the coastal areas.

        Many articles we read also mention that the carbon dioxide and methane gases will cause the temperatures of earth as a whole to rise to unbearable levels. What happens when the earth's temperature rises? This question is answered by speculative thinking. There will be shortage of water. There will be erratic seasons and untimely rains. There will be either too much cold or too hot days and nights. The people are made to think that thischange in earth's temperature can be either hastened or slowed by what we people do or don't do. Some people say that when the population increases there is too much activity resulting in rise in carbon dioxide concentration. For example, by the industrial production of items such as steel, plastic items, machinery, etc. there is increase in green-house gases. Everything that we pursue fordevelopment, for raising the per capita income, for growth of domestic product year by year, we are creating conditions for increase in the earth's temperature and causing the feared climate change.

        This is a highly technical subject and noone has been able to repudiate this theory of possible doom awaiting the people living on this earth. All the governments are forced to take action to decrease the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which only can halt the march of the heat to raise the earth's body temperature.

        All the governments of more than 190 member nations of the United Nations are given notice that they should plan their actions to stop this climate change in order for all the inhabitants of the world to live comfortably preventing rise of temperature of the earth and stop the melting of the icebergs in the polar regions. The developed nations have more gadgets but smaller densities of populations. The developing countries such as China, India and Brazil have large populations but not so many gadgets that guzzle energy in their homes. The developed countries want the developing countries to reduce the growth of population as also the manufacture of steel, cement, coke and coal, etc. The developed countries consume more gas and use more petroleum and other products per capita, than the developing countries. Therefore both have their own shares in the climate change phenomenon and both have to make changes in their life styles and consumption levels.

        My gut feeling is that the prediction of further change in the earth's temperature is unfounded. The earth has a self-regulatory mechanism and it will maintain its temperature within a certain limit no matter how much damage is apparently done to the environment. The population will increase until a certain peak is reached and then it will not rise further. The sun and its planets have a built-in technique by which their health is maintained. Any damage done is corrected through the self-regulatory mechanisms. No human activity can be too much since the humans can go only upto a certain limit in their pursuits.

        Nature is not a static thing. It undergoes changes by reasons known to itself. All changes are handled in such a way that survival of its constituents such as insects, birds, animals, humans and all fauna and flora is guarranteed. The Nature will not perish.