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Hindu Festivals
Adyar Gopal Parivar
An extended family of Adyar Gopal
Adyar Gopal Parivar Society
Public Importance
This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
Hindu Festivals
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Family Lines
Family Line 1
Adyar Shenoys
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Adyra Manjunath Shanubhogue Family
Netravati is the eldest daughter of Adyar Manjunath Shanubhogue and the eldest sister of Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy. Netravathi was married at a very young age and lost her husband even before the marriage was consummated.
Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy
Radha Bai (Amba)
Family Line 2
Gurpur Bhats
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Gurpur Bhats - Gurpur Panduranga Bhat, Wife Sridevi.
Gurpur Vittappa Bhat, Wife Gowri.
Gurpur Varadaraya Bhat, Wife Chandrayini.
Gurpur Srinivasa Bhat, Wife Padmaja.

Satish Bhat is the eldest surviving son of Gurpur Varadaraya Bhat. He married Gayatri (married name Seema) who bore two baby girls. These babies have grown up into young maidensand are named Swati and Smita.

Gowri was the second child of Adyar Manjunath Shanbhogue and Kamala. She
married Gurpur Vittappa Bhat. She gave birth to many children but only
four survived out of whom Gurpur Madhav Bhat was the eldest. Gowri was
elder sister of Adyar Gopal.

G. Srinivas Bhat
G. Varadaray Bhat
Madhav Bhat
Family Line 3
Mijar Shenoys
Mijar Shenoys - Mijar Madhav Shenoy
Mijar Madhav Shenoy had three male children viz. Shanthayya, Manjunath and Vasudeva.

Shanthayya had three children viz. Ananth, Leelavathi and Saraswathi. Saraswathi's pet name was Sappulli.

Prema Ramachandra Nayak is a daughter of Mijar Ananth Shenoy.

Mijar Raghuram Shenoy
Mijar Raghuram Shenoy is the youngest son of Mijar Manjunath Shenoy. His wife Uma gave birth to five children.

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Rohini Purushottam Nayak is a daughter of Vedavathi and Manjunath Prabhu. Vedavathi is the eldest daughter of Mijar Manjunath Shenoy and married Puttige Gudde Angadi Manjunath Prabhu.
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N N Shenoy (Narayana Narasimha Shenoy) is a son of Narasimha. Mijar Narasimha Shenoy is a son of Mijar Manjunath Shenoy and Gowri.
Mijar Vasudev Shenoy is the third son of Mijar Madhav Shenoy. He married Bhavani. Bhavani gave birth to seven children.
Goverdhan Shenoy
Nagappayya Shenoy
Vasudev Shenoy
Family Line 4
Mijar Kamaths
Mijar Kamaths - Mijar Annappa Kamath
Dasappa Kamath who in turn was the elder son of Mijar Annappa Kamath. He is the direct maternal uncle of Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy.

Vittal was the son of the first wife of Dasappa. Vittal's mother died soon after he was born.
Dasappa Kamath
Vittal Rao
Family Line 5
Sampige Kinis
Sampige Kinis - Sampige Madhavray Kini
Sampige Narasimha Kini is the last child of Sampige Madhav Kini and Parvathi. Narasimha went to Mumbai in young age and settled down there. He married Gulabi who gave birth to only one child viz. Damodar. Venkatray is the elder son of Sampige Madhav Kini.

Mohandas is a son of Uma Bai. Uma Bai is one of the daughters of Moodbidri Venkatray Kini. Venkatray is the elder son of Sampige Madhav Kini.

Padmavathi married Kallamundkur Venkatesh Prabhu. Her maiden name was Revathi. She was a daughter of Venkatray Kini who was a son of Sampige Madhav Kini.

Arundhathi was eldest daughter of Susheela Bai.
Susheela Bai was one of the daughters of Sampige Venkatray kini. Arundhathi was married to Purushottam Shenoy of Damaskatte.

Damaskatte Ramdas Shenoy is the eldest son of Arundhati.

Radha (maiden name Jani Bai) is a daughter of Moodbidri Venkatray Kini and grand daughter of Sampige Madhav Kini. She is married to Mulki Keshav Kamath.
Narasimha Kini
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Family Line 6
Manchkal Kudvas
Manchkal Kudvas - Manchkal Lakshman Kudva
Manchakal Lakshman Kudva married Subbamma (married name Saraswati).

Subbamma was the second daughter of Sampige Madhav Kini and aunt of Radha Bai (Amba).

Devaraya Kudva was the second son of Manchkal Lakshman Kudva. Devraya married Gopi (Krishna Bai).

Mohandas Kudva is a son of Manchakal Narayana Kudva. Narayan Kudva is the eldest son of Manchakal Lakshman Kudva.

Vaman Kudva is the last son of Manchakal Lakshman Kudva.

Srinivas, son of Lakshman married Rajeevi (daughter of Moodbidri Venkatray Kini) and got seven sons and one daughter.

Narayan, son of Subbamma married Rukminidevi who gave birth to four daughters and two sons. They are, Prema, Sadanand, Nirupama, Jayanthi, Mohandas and Sakhu.

M. Lakshman Kudva
and Gopi
M. Mohandas Kudva
Vaman Kudva
Srinivas Kudva
Family Line 7
Hiranki Kinis
Hiranki Kinis - Hirabki Ramachandra Kini
From among the three sisters who form the earliest known root persons of Adyar Gopal Parivar, the middle sister married the Hiranki Kini bridegroom Ramachandra Kini. Ramachandra had three sons. The eldest was Shanthayya. Achuth, also known as Ramachandra was the eldest son of Shanthayya Kini.

Amba Vasudev Pai was the only daughter of Hiranki Bantwal Baddakatte Srinivas Kini.

Neralakatte Vishwanath Shenoy married Gowri (married name Lakshmidevi). Gowri gave birth to seven children. Gowri was a daughter of Hiranki Achuth Kini.

Hiranki Varadaray Kini was a son of Bantwal Subray Kini. Subray married
Kamakshi who gave birth to seven children. One of them was named
Varadaray. The photo shows Subray, eldest son of the second Varadray.

Varadaray, son of Bantwal Subray kini married Girija Bai who gave birth to six sons and two daughters.
Baddakatte Achuth Kini
B. V. Subray Kini
By Mohan Shenoy
There are 225 households in my list of members. Here is over-all numbers.
This list is incomplete. There are many more members especially the younger generation who have not sent me their addresses. I request all of them to send me addresses and take part in the activities of the Parivar.
PLACE               HOUSEHOLDS
Adyanadka                02
Ambikanagar             01
Bajpe                           03
Bangalore                   36
Bantwal                      18
Belgaum                     01
Belthangady_Ujjre    04
Brahmavara               02
Chennai                      02
Chickmagalur            10
Foreign                       04
Goa                            02
Gurpur                        01
Guruvayanakere       01
Hejmadi_Gundi          01
Hospet_Bellary          01
Hubballi                      02
Hyderabad                  01
PLACE               HOUSEHOLDS
Jaipur                            01
Kalburgi                       01
Kallamundkur             02
Kanjangad                   03
Karkala                         21
Kasargod                     07
Kateel                           03
Kinnigoli_D.Katte        05
Kozikode                      02
Kunigal                         01
Lakshmeshwar           01
Manchkal                     02
Mangalore                   41
Moodbidri                   15
Mulleria                        01
Mumbai                       59
Mysore                         04
Nashik                          01
Neralakatte                 01

PLACE               HOUSEHOLDS
Padubidri                   01
Palimar                       01
Panemanglur             01
Pune                           02
Puttur                         06
Sasthan                      04
Shivamogge               01
Sirsi_Sagar                 04
Thiruvarur                 01
Udupi                         14
Uppinangady            03
Vadodara                   01
Vamanjoor                 02
Venur                          01
Virajpet                       01
Ydapadav                   07
Total                          225

There are many more members especially the younger generation who have not sent me their addresses. I request all of them to send me addresses and take part in the activities of the Parivar.