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By Mohan Shenoy

At the age of 14, in my school I studied languages, maths, science, civics, physical education, etc., but nothing about my future career.

When I had reached the 8th class, I was 14 years and receptive to career guidance like all youngsters of that age, from parents and others.

I, like everyone else, was not aware how important it was to begin early my pursuit of a career, supported by my parents and teachers alike.

With only one or two children, the parents can focus better on their child's career, starting at age 14 and select one that is most suitable.

At the age of 14 a child is anxious to achieve and wishes to prepare himself for his future mainly by looking for support from his father.

System of Education available in the region determines the career chosen by the child, the father or the mother and not merely the ambition.

The government decides the kind of system of education for schools, which prepare the child in taking up a career most suitable for him/her.

Ordinary people normally would send their children to local schools that adopt the government system of education and are easily accessible.

There are many careers such as priests and other religious offices for which the regular schools do not provide path, education or training.

Indian Constitution gives freedom of religion; does not promote any particular religion and therefore religions are not part of curriculum.

"Morals" was a subject included in the school curriculum but religion was never made a subject to be taught and examinations conducted in.

Language(s), arithmetic, basic science and basic social studies are the main subjects that are included in the curriculum in all schools.

An appropriate career is chosen for their child by the parents by applying their knowledge and belief so that the same will bring happiness.

Before a career is chosen for the 14-year old child, the parents would make sure that the required education and training are within reach.

Since early 20th Century Indian education especially the Secondary School Pre-matric syllabus has been oriented towards degree certificate.

For many careers such as a potter, SSLC or the degree are unnecessary and the years spent in the school after 8th class is a waste of time.

If a 14-year old is not told to focus on a certain career and set on its path for education and training then the child will drift aimless.

A career chosen by a 14-yr old child can be modified and changed later according to circumstances and capacity and accessibility of chances.

Making a 14-yr old child go through and study for many years after his 8th class without a definite career in sight is an unhelpful outcome.

Careers and provide us financial security and happiness in life if planned and pursued early.

Earlier we decide on our life's career better could we decide our place of residence and style of living thus gaining control and security.

The main purpose of deciding on a career early is to get the child think about his future independence and looming responsibilities in life.

The 8th pass being sufficient for most of the skills and occupations diversification of education and training may begin with the 9th class.

Management of the adolescent by the parents is as tricky as of toddler but the situation differs owing to change in child's way of thinking.

To keep 14-yr old away from vices and bad company it is useful to firmly advise him to take up education and training for his future career.

A 14-yr old is at the right age for making him love and respect his country, culture and tradition and allowed in nationalistic activities.

There is a high point in life of a child after 8th class when he/she and parents decide if they select self-employment as the career or not.

A 14-yr old girl would be wise to listen to her mother and other older women regarding her future career, as she would herself be a mother.

Wise parents make a list of careers for their 14-yr old to select from. The child then would work harder and with determination towards it.

Parents are directly responsible till 14 but later it is the school, friends and the government that intervenes to influence the child's ID.

Government's influence is uppermost since examinations are conducted and degree necessary for child to take up career is issued by Govt agencies.

Diversification of courses starts from 12th class onwards at present, forcing students to delay choosing of their career by 4 years in maze.

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Since about a hundred years, the Indian 14-yr old child has been forced to wait for another 4 years to begin career education and training.

Parents, especially the mother, would want her 14-yr old child to live a happy life for which he/she selects a family oriented occupation.

Structure of Education that will create a workforce of skilled men and women ready to work in farms, industries and professions is needed.

At present even 20 years study in schools and colleges usually does not make us READY TO START WORKING in farms, industries and professions.

At present a student after 8th Class crams lessons to pass the exams, the subjects of which may not be applicable to her/his career chosen.

Our life's most crucial years, in which we prepare ourselves for a bright future career, are 15th to 20th, which need guidance from parents.

Our life's 15th and 16th years are for honing skills and 17th to 20th are for specializing in various professions, so help us, Educators!

Education is predominantly state subject and therefore it is left to each state to declare 8th class as standard educational qualification.

If we start at 14th yr by first listening to our parents and friends and then deciding on our own, we can choose the career and excel too.

Declaring 8th class pass as School Leaving or Matric class, and 10th, 12thand degree as post Matric the government would redirect education.

Youth are becoming literate very much sooner than yesterday and making them wait till 16th year for Matric Cert., is out of place and cruel.

What is learnt during eight years from 1st to 8th class in these costly days should be highly valued and honoured making 8th Pass as Matric.

At present the 8th Pass 14 yr. old youth is groping in the dark as regards the future since she/he is not shown light out of school tunnel.

At present S. S. L. C. (Matric) is upon completion of 10th Class, out of which 9th and 10th could be replaced with career relevant subjects.

The government must make it easy for the 8th Pass 14 yr old youth to take up the line of education and training that fits her/his career.

At present the classes 9th and 10th are trackless and 11th and 12th are excluding common career pursuits like farming and self-employment.

Indian Structure of Education I hope changes into a focused and purposeful machination in which a career for 14 yr old 8th pass is built-in.

For a parent the prospects of a good marriage for their ward may be important but it is the career that provides stability to wedded life.

Prospects of a good marriage depend not so much on the degree held as on the chosen career, profession and employability of the groom/bride.

After 8th class and 14 years of age it is important from where we get the facts, skills and wisdom. From parents, friends, books, Internet?

The age of 14 years is a point where every youth has an opportunity to mend and bend and fall back on the track with self-will and self-power.

The will and vigour at the age of 14 needs grooming and goading to kindle its fire and exploit its force and not shut up in weird syllabi.

New Structure: The 8th is School-Leaving Class /Matric. From 9th choose one among the six Career Courses from basic Science to Professional.

New Structure: Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Textiles, Commerce, Languages, Humanities, Arts and Crafts, Basic Sciences, etc., 9th onwards.

Government's first step to restructure education: Declare 8th pass as School Leaving (Matric) level and as First Graduation (Not Drop-outs).

If youth is not engaged with a career by the age of 14 years then the youth will drift into unpredictable adventurism like an untamed horse.

Lucky are the parents who agree among themselves and make up their mind as to what career their child who is turning 14 should follow up.

In making up mind as to the career for her child turning 14, the mother often can not think right, being overprotective and extra-cautious.