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This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
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Sunday, 29th December, 2013,
at Sri GSB Sevamandal, Sri Guru Ganesh Prasad, Bhukailash Nagar, Near Sion Fort, Sion East, Mumbai 400022.
Phone: 022-24078147 and 24078226



1st October 2013
Dear Relatives,
I am pleased to invite you and your family to our Annual Convention to be held onSunday, 29th December, 2013, from 9.00 am. to 6.30 pm. at Sri GSB Sevamandal, Sri Guru Ganesh Prasad, Bhukailash Nagar, Near Sion Fort, Sion East, Mumbai 400022. Phone: 022-24078147 and 24078226.

Because of the pressure of present day civilization it is necessary for us to plan in advance on major events. Even after adequate planning we are constrained with multiple appointments on the same day and time and fail to fulfill our obligations to one or the other event that clash with one another.

The 107th birth anniversary of late Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy falls on 21-9-2013 and his death anniversary on 8th Aug. 2013. And yet we hold our function in his memory in December of the year in order to make it convenient for members to attend. We have already booked the above hall. I request you to plan in advance and try to attend the Meeting along with wife and children.

There will be many chances to win prizes. Children can win one-time scholarships. Volunteer aprons will be sent by courier to those who wish to wear it. Traveling allowance will be paid for both local and out-of-city members. (Locals receive Rs. 100 per head maximum Rs. 400 per family and Out-of-state members will receive Rs. 1500 per head maximum Rs. 6000 per family). Accommodation in a common hall may be booked in the Sri Guru Ganesh Prasad building for one night. Up to 50 people can live here. Please fill up the form given on the back for traveling allowance and accommodation and it will be provided on first come first serve basis.

Please plan in advance to ensure your presence at this event. I am sending by courier about 25 white aprons to willing members who wish to volunteer in helping the smooth running of the function. These aprons are not to be returned and kept by the volunteers for their personal use after the function is over.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Mohan Shenoy
P.S.: Please send me your email IDs. Mail to [email protected]

Sri Guru Ganesh Prasad Front view

Inauguration lamp

Mohan Shenoy reading out Invite



Volunteers ready

8.30 am.: Breakfast
Menu: (a) 2 Idlis (b) 1 vada (c) Sambar (d) Chutni (e) 1 kashi halwa (f) tea or coffee or milk for children. This will be given until 10.30 a.m.

10.30 am: Inauguration, Lighting the lamp, Welcome speeches, Homage to those who elders who passed away during the year.Music, Dance, Book release,  Presentations.

Mid-morning hot drink is sweet milk with some falvours such as badam or other prevalent in Mumbai. This is given to all those in attendance between 11.00 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.

Lunch is at 1 p.m. and it will be buffet style (in clean large polithene plates with paper towels. No plantain leaves but there will be tables and extra chairs for people to carry the plate and sit to eat. Tables are to be covered with sheets of table cloth)
The lunch menu: a)Mixed pickle, b)Suran Koota, c)Papad, d)Wodi varieties, e)Green leaves (Bhajji leaves) sweet Upkari, f)Wodi Ambat, Ananas Mango Sweet and Sour Sasam, g)Chana Ghashi (red chana) with Kadgi pieces, h)Capsicum Bajji, i)Sweet Appam, j)Idi Appam with coconut chatni, (Idi Appam is 6 inch diameter Polo Dossa 1 cm thick and soft), k)Main dish Rice (soft and fluffy, not half-cooked but fully cooked), l)Sambhar (with three or more mix vegetables and quite spicy and thick, not watery), m)Curds, n)Dalitoye in a bowl, o)Madgane payasa in a bowl, p)Drinking water in sealed sachets, q)Spicy buttermilk and r)Ice Cream of five flavours and unlimited quantity).

No meals served after 2.30 p.m.

3.00 p.m. Group Photo sessions, Distribution of Prasad like travel allowance, scholarships, prizes for games, music, dance etc.

3.30 p.m. Coffee or Tea is to be served in paper cups to the audience by bringing the beverages to the hall and serving them while the people are seated in the hall.

At 5 p.m. Batata Vada (1 each) and Tomato Ketchup and Coconut Chatni and Coffee or Tea1

At closing time, distribute the bags of Tambool consisting of a large coconut but no betel leaves and no supari and a cardboard box of sweets consisting of one Boondi Ladu, one Saat and 25 grms of Chewda (Mumbai chewda).

Dr. Mohan Shenoy thanks all those members who took the trouble to travel to the Sri Guru Ganesh Prasaad Hall, at Sion Fort, Mumbai, and participated in the Mumbai convention. He is thankful to the guests also.

Standing: Sooryakanth, Madhav Kamath, Dhanavathi, Vatsala Kamath, Satish Kamath, Ganapathi S Prabhu with Ananth in his arm, Veena, Supriya Prabhu, Prathima and Vasanth Prabhu, Srinivas Kamath.
Sitting: Vaman Prabhu, Revathi, Nirmala R Kudva, Shankar M Prabhu, Suguna, Sudarshan Prabhu, Anuradha, Vidya Srinivas Kamath.



001. Adithi G Kudva
002. Ashwin V Kini H
003. Deepika Devidas Kudva
004. Devanand Shenoy
005. Devidas Sanjiv Kudva
006. Dhanush Dinesh Mallya
007. Dinesh Mallya B G
008. Divya Dinesh Mallya
009. Jayashree (Jayanthi) Kamaldas Kudva,
010. Kamaldas Kudva M
011. Manjula Rajesh Pai
012. Mohandas Kudva M
013. Mohan G Shenoy
014. Nagaraj Kini;
015. Namratha Nagaraj Kini
016. Nandini Nagaraj Kini;
017. Navya Nagaraj Kini
018. Prakash Hegde
019. Prateeksha Prakash Hegde
020. Priya Prakash Hegde
021. Raghavendra Ramdas Shenoy
022. Rakshitha Raviraj Kini
023. Ramdas Shenoy
024. Ranjani Ramdas Shenoy
025. Rathika Rajesh Pai
026. Raviraj Kini
027. Rekha Raviraj Kini
028. Reshma Ramdas Shenoy
029. Rithwik Rajesh Pai
030. Santosh B Prabhu
031. Shobha Mohandas Kudva
032. Smitha Devanand Shenoy
033. Srikanth Devanand Shenoy
034. Sudha Bhaskar Prabhu
035. Sumathi Devanand Shenoy
037. Vighnesh Devidas Kudva


038. Aarati Surendra Kudav
039. Aishwarya Surendra Kudav
040. Ajit Rewadkar
041. Alka Pramod Bhandarkar
042. Amit Rewadkar
043. Amogh Mahesh Prabhu
044. Ananth Ganapathi Prabhu
045. Anuja Mahesh Prabhu
046. Anuradha Damodar Shenoy
047. Anuradha Sudarshan Prabhu
048. Apuarva Nagaraj Shenoy
049. Archana Subray Kamath

050. Balakrishna A Kamath
051. Bharathi Shashidhar Nayak

052. Chandrakala P Kamath

053. Damodar N Shenoy
054. Damodar Varadaray Bhat
055. Dhanavathi Ganesh Prabhu
056. Dinesh Achuth Kamath
057. Divya Dinesh Kamath

058. Eknath V Kudva

059. Ganapathi S Prabhu
060. Ganesh Prabhu
061. Gowri Dinesh Kamath

062. Karan Damodar Bhat
063. Keshavray Prabhu

064. Lalitha Madhav Kamath

065. Madhav Kamath
066. Madhavi Taranath Kudva
067. Mahesh Prabhu
068. Meetha Sandeep Bhat
069. Mithun Taranath Shenoy
070. Nagaraj N Shenoy
071. Nagaratna Nagaraj Shenoy
072. Namrata Nagaraj Shenoy
073. Namitha Vijayakumar
074. Nandini Balakrishna Kamath
075. Narayan Narasimha Shenoy
076. Nilesh Damodar Shenoy
077. Nimitha Sandeep Bhat
078. Ninad Sandeep Bhat
079. Nirmala Raghuram Kudva
080. Nitant Rajesh Parurkar
081. Nitesh Pramod Bhandarkar
082. Ojaswi Amit Rewadkar

083. Pandurang Kamat
084. Pooja Shashikant Kamath
085. Prameela Rewadkar
086. Pramod Pandurang Bhandarkar
087. Prashant Kamaldas Kudva
088. Prathima Vasanth Prabhu
089. Preetesh Pandurang Kamath
090. Priya Pandurang Bhandarkar
091. Priya Pandurang Kamath

092. Raghunath Mallya
093. Ramit Ravikant Kamath
094. Ravikant P Kamath
095. Revathi Ravikant Kamath
096. Riya Ravikant Kamath
097. Riya Vijaykumar
098. Ruchira Rajesh Parurkar

099. Sakhu Suresh Kamath
100. Satish K Prabhu
101. Satish Varadaraya Bhat
102. Sandeep Achuth Bhat,
103. Seema Satish Bhat
104. Shalini (Krishnabai) V Prabhu
105. Shankar M Prabhu
106. Shanthi Srinivas Pai
107. Sharada Shashikant Kamath
108. Sharayu Varadaray Prabhu
109. Shashank Shashidhar Nayak
110. Shashidhar Nayak
111. Shruthi Srinivas Kamath
112. Shweta Amit Rewadkar
113. Shwetha Aravind Nayak
114. Smitha Satish Bhat
115. Siddesh Eknath Kudva
116. Srikant Subray Kamath
117. Srinivas Kamath
118. Srinivas S Pai
119. Srinivas Varadray Prabhu
120. Subray L Kamath
121. Sudarshan Prabhu G
122. Sudha Narasimha Shenoy
123. Sudha Taranath Shenoy
124. Sugandhi Keshav Prabhu
125. Suguna Shankar Prabhu
126. Suhasini Subray Kamath
127. Sujatha Pandurang Kamath
128. Sumedh Surendra Kudav
129. Supriya Sudarshan Prabhu
130. Surendra Kudav
131. Suresh (Surendranath) Kamath
132. Suryakanth Madhav Kamath
133. Swathi Satish Bhat
134. Swathi Srikant Kamath

135. Taranath Kudva
136. Taranath Shenoy

137. Vasanth Prabhu
138. Vatsala Srinivas Bhat
139. Vatsala Satish Prabhu
140. Varija (Vanitha) Achuth Bhat
141. Veena Ganapathi Prabhu
142. Vidya Srinivas Kamath
143. Vidya Vishwanath Kudva
144. Vijaya Damodar Bhat
145. Vijaya Shashidhar Shenoy
146. Vishwanath V Kudva

147. Yamuna Achuth Kamath

148. Mr. Vasanth D Kamath
149. Mrs.Vatsala V Kamath
150. Mr. H. N. Kamath
151. Mr. Radhakrishna Kamath
152. Mrs. Sharada R Kamath
153. Mr. Dinesh Kamath
154. Mr. Dinesh P Shenoy

 Satish Bhat, Swathi, Smitha, Jayashree

Keshavray M Prabhu

Mijar Madhav Shenoy married Bhagirathi, the eldest of the three sisters who are the root persons of Adyar Gopal Parivar. Manjunath was the second son of Madhav. Vedavathi, the only daughter of Manjunath married Guddeyangadi Manjunath Prabhu. Keshavray is a son of Vedavathi. Keshavray had been ailing from some time when he attended the Mumbai Convention. Keshavray's nephew G S Prabhu has reported that Keshavray expired on 14-2-2014 at Mumbai.

Inauguration lamp



Inviting prominent members of Parivar

Balakrishna Kamath, Yamuna
Vara Puja of couples
Vasudha Kamath
V D Kamath
 Priya Bhandarkar
Vishwanath, Mohan, Surendra and Taranath Kudva in discussion mood.
Vatsala and Vanitha Bhat
Vatsala and Vanitha Bhat after receiving tamboola box in happy mood.
Vidya Vishwanath Kudva in happy mood after receiving tamboola.
Suvasinis greeting each other by applying kumkum on forehead