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This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
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Sunday, the 1st August, 2010 at Sri Ramraya Kudva Sabhabhavan, Navami Plaza, Moodabidri. D. K. 574227.


Dr. Mohan Shenoy invited all the members of the Adyar Gopal Parivar to come and attend the Annual Convention.
Please check the lists given below and inform Dr. Shenoy at the following address any errors in name or other details.
The members are requested to inform Dr. Shenoy if the names are incorrect or missing..
Go to _____________ to report errors.
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I am pleased to inform all the members of Adyar Gopal Parivar that our Annual Convention for year 2010 will be held on Sunday, the 1st August, 2010 at the Sri Ramraya Kudva Sabhabhavan, located in Navami Plaza, near old Bus Stand, in Moobidri, Dakshin Kannada District.

The 104th birth annivarsary of late Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy falls on 21-9-2010 and his death anniversary on 8th Aug. 2010. In order to keep the memory alive and active of all our ancestors, viz. Sampige Madhav Kini, Mijar Madhav Shenoy, Mijar Annappa Kamath, Manchkal Lakhman Kudva, Hiranki Shanthayya Kini, and Adyar Manjunath Shanbhogue, all the members of Adyar Gopal Parivar are invited to take part in this convention.

This meeting becomes more or less like a business meeting with no fan-fare of any kind. The main purpose of the meeting is for the blood relatives of Adyar Gopal, and his wife Radha G. Shenoy (Ambakka) to come together and exchange views openly. The wives and husbands of the blood relatives and their children and grand-children are taken to be members. Any one would come and attend the meeting even without invitation purely on the basis of his or her blood relationship and how much love and respect he or she has for the ancestors. There is no membership fees of any kind.

I request you to consider this as my personal invitation to come to Moodbidri, which has been the place of birth and growth of many of our ancestors and members. You and your wife and child/children are listed as members of this Adyar Gopal Pariwar. Please ask your brothers and sisters and their spouses and children to send me their names to enrol as members, if they have not already done so. Even the daughters are direct descendents.

Since food is going to be served I request you to let me know if you are attending, and how many members will accompany you.For those who come from far out- stations the Parivar will re-imburse part of the travel expenses and provide accommodation at the Navami Comforts Lodge.

Let me know if you intend to present any cultural item, such as singing songs, dancing, or other cultural items, or give a small talk.We need volunteers to help us to manage the event. Please enroll yourself for cultural item or to become a volunteer. There will be a small amount of allowance money given to volunteers, and prizes to students and artists. There will be a lottery held to distribute prizes of total amount of more than Rs.40,000.

Descendents of Adyar Manjunath Shanbhag, Sampige Madhav Kini, Manchkal Lakshman Kudva, Three Sisters' Children viz Mijar Shenoys, Hiranki Kinis Or Mijar Kamaths are all life-members by birth. Wives and husbands are included, but not the parents-in-law, brothers and sisters of wives or husbands, or their children. If you have any questions regarding Direct Descendant Membership please contact me or visit our website

All those who attend the function will be given a small amount of money as "Prasaad from our Ancestors" to meet part of their travel expenses and provide 24 hours accommodation at the Navami Comforts Lodge. The 'Prasaad' payment will be made at the time of registration in cash in the convention hall. The amount is different for different members according to the place they arrive from. There will be a small amount as Volunteer allowance.

Navami Plaza

Navami Plaza

Adyar Gopal and wife Radha Bai



Entrance to hall

Travel Prasad Queu

Invocation - Prayer

Elders lighting lamp to Inaugurate

Elders lighting inauguration lamp

Homage to members passed away

Deepika Devidas Kudva

Sujatha Vasanth Pai

Honouring Yashasvi Women

Lodge. Call me if you need explanation, information or assistance to book hotel room etc. This facility is only for members. Non-membrs have to purchase a ticket of Rs.100 per person to enter and pay other charges.There will be incentive payments and prizes for songs, dances, and entertainment artists. All artists must be from our Parivar only. Please get ready with your songs, dances, etc. and let me know in advance your item and time required. Maximum time given is 5 Mts. All these will be video-recorded.

Book Release by MM Kudva

Mass Vara Puja 1

The amount of travel allowance each person attending the convention will get is given below:
From Mumbai, Pune: Rs. 2,000.
From Bangalore, Mysore, Sirsi: Rs. 500
From any place in Mangalore Dist. or Udupi District: Rs. 100
From Moodbidri town: NIL
Calculate the total by multiplying the amount by the number of persons attending.

Mass Vara Puja 3

Mass Vara Puja 2


Sunday the 1st Aug. 2010.
9 a.m onwards upto 11.30 a.m. Breakfast (Avalakki, Uppma, Biscutambade and chatni, Special Halwa, Sevu Tea, Coffee, Badam Milk) Registration, Payment of travel allowances, Appointment of volunteers, Appointment of artists.

10 a.m. Invocation song, Lighting of oil-lamp, Welcome address, Speeches by members (3 Mts., each), Obituary reference to late Uma Sundar Kudva, daughter of late Venkatray Kini. Successful Womanhood awards, Varapooja to couples.

11.30 a.m.. Lucky Dip, (15 draws of Rs. 2000, Total Rs. 30,000)

1 p.m. Lunch (Rice, Saru, Sambar, Green gram ghasi, Tendle-Potato Upkari, Greenpea Songa, Ghari-Umbari, Sweet Madgane paayasa, Potato papad, Dudli Pickle, Buttermilk)

2.30 to 3.30 p.m. Student incentive payments, Group Photo Sessions Games, Songs, Dance, Variety entertainment (as time permits)
Student incentive payments, Group Photo Sessions Games, Songs, Dance, Variety entertainment (as time permits).

3.30 p.m. Besan Laddu, Nendra Banana Chips, Tea, Coffee, Badam Milk.

4.00 p.m. Thanks statement. Coconut in a bag to each member.

Mass Vara Puja 5

Mass Vara Puja 4

Mass Vara Puja 7

Mass Vara Puja 6

Mass Vara Puja 9

Mass Vara Puja 8


001. Sreenivas Pai, Kanhangad
002. Sreeraksha Pai, Kanhangad
003. Vinaya Pai, Kanhangad
004. Karthik Krishnananda Nayak (son of Krishnananda), Haveri
005. Krithika Krishnananda Nayak (son of Krishnananda) Haveri
006. Praveen Prabhakar Nayak (son of Prabhakar), Gulbarga
007. Prajwal Prabhakar Nayak (son of Prabhakar), Gulbarga
008. Prasad Prabhakar Nayak (son of Prabhakar), Gulbarga
009. Chaithra Ganesh Nayak (daughter of Ganesh), Gulbarga
010. Madangopal Manohar Nayak (son of Mamatha), Sirsi
011. Pawan Mangesh Shenoy (son of Mangesh), Mangalore
012. Ananth Ramakrishna Prabhu (son of Surekha), Bangalore
013. Swetha Padmanabha Shenoy (daughter of Vijaya), Karkala
014. Vasudev Padmanabha Shenoy (son of Vijaya), Karkala
015. Karunakar Vaman Prabhu (Vaman's son) Kodyadka
016. Narasimha Padmanabha Prabhu (Padmanabha's son), Ponnechari
017. Priya Padmanabha Prabhu (Padmanabha's daughter), Ponnechari
018. Upendra Vishwanatha Prabhu (Vishwanatha;s son), Ponnechari
019. Venkatesh Vishwanatha Prabhu (Vishwanatha's son), Ponnechari
020. Vinod Vishnu Prabhu (Vishnu's son), Ponnechari
021. Vikram Vishnu Prabhu (Vishnu's son), Ponnechari
022. Poornima Govinda Prabhu (Govinda's daughter), Gudde Angadi
023. Puja Govinda Prabhu (Govinda's daughter), Gudde Angadi
024. Mohan Govinda Prabhu (Govinda's son), Gudde Angadi
025. Disha Dinesh Mallya (Anuradha's daughter), Karkala
026. Dhanush Dinesh Mallya (Anuradha's son), Karkala
027. Sumana Raghupathy Shenoy (Raghupathy's daughter), Yedapadav
028. Vasudev Raghupathy Shenoy (Raghupathy's son), Yedapadav
029. Bharathi Damodar Shenoy (daughter of Damodar), Yedapadav
030. Vijay Damodar Shenoy (son of Damodar), Yedapadav
031. Mamatha Umesh Shenoy (daughter of Prathima), Mangalore
032. Vignesh Ashwin Nayak (Ankith, son of Vaishnavi), Udupi
033. Ridesh Ramachandra Shenoy (Ramachandra's son), Kanjarkatte
034. Vrinda Ramachandra Shenoy (Ramachandra's daughter) Kanjarkatte
035. Rohit Radhakrishna Shenoy (Radhakrishna's son), Yedapadav
036. Ranjit Radhakrishna Shenoy (Radhakrishna's son), Yedapadav
037. Pallavi Prabhakar Shenoy (Prabhakar's daughter), Yedapadav
038. Nagaraja Shankar Nayak (Shankar's son), Karkala
039. Neha Shankar Nayak (Shankar's daughter), Karkala
040. Vignesh Panduranga Nayak (son of Panduranga), Karkala
041. Puja Panduranga Nayak (daughter of Panduranga), Karkala
042. Sumanth Satish Joshi (Shamala's son), Karkala
043. Sujeeth Satish Joshi (Shamala's son), Karkala
044. Gautham Ganesh Nayak (Revathi's son), Kukkundoor
045. Gauri Ganesh Nayak (Revathi's daughter), Kukkundoor
046. Avaneesh Balakrishna Shenoy (Padmavathi's son), Ajekar
047. Kevin Vinay Prabhu (Vinay's son), Mangalore
048. Gopalakrishna Ganesh Prabhu (son of Ganesh), Puttur
049. Vinaya Damodar Pai (daughter of Jyothi), Kanhangad
050. Srinivas Damodar Pai (son of Jyothi), Kanhangad
051. Sriraksha Srikar Pai (daughter of Sridevi), Kanhangad
052. Srikanth Srikar Pai (son of Sridevi), Kanhangad
053. Sumanth Harish Bhat (son of Meenakshi), Mangalore
054. Hemanth Harish Bhat (son of Meenakshi), Mangalore
055. Prateeksha Prakash Hegde (daughter of Shamala), Bantwal
056. Ullas Upendra Pai (son of Nandini), Puttur
057. Uttam Upendra Pai (son of Nandini), Puttur
058. Sudeesh Srinath Kamath (son of Srinath), Venoor
059. Sumeeth Srinath Kamath (son of Srinath), Venoor
060. Arjun Ramesh Prabhu (son of Asha), Brahmavar
061. Mahendra Harendranath Shenoy (son of Harendranath), Udupi
062. Mahima Harendranath Shenoy( daughter of Harendranath), Udupi
064. Ranjith Haridas Shenoy (son of Vijaya), Mudarangadi
065. Varun Achuth Prabhu (son of Archana), Kinnigoli
066. Vidya Prabhakar Pai (daughter of Vandana), Karkala
067. Abhay Umanath Kamath (son of Jayanthi), Kunigal
068. Subrahmanya Seetharam Kudva (son of Seetharam), Shirva
069. Ramnath Kamalaksha Nayak (son of Hemalatha), Saligram
070. Vighnesh Devidas Kudva (son of Devidas), Bangalore
071. Karthik Devidas Kudva (son of Devidas), Bangalore
072. Santosh Bhaskar Prabhu (son of Vimala), Mangalore
073. Ullas Bhaskar Prabhu (son of Vimala), Mangalore
074. Reshma Ramadas Shenoy (daughter of Ramadas), Damaskatte
075. Raghavendra Ramadas Shenoy (son of Ramadas), Damaskatte
076. Smitha Devananda Shenoy (daughter of Sumathi), Mangalore
077. Pradeep Govindray Shenoy (son of Shakunthala), Kinnigoli
078. Sudeep Govindray Shenoy (son of Shakunthala), Kinnigoli
079. Shreyas Yogesh Pai (son of Yogesh), Kallabettu
080. Sathwik Suresh Pai (son of Suresh), Kallabettu
081. Suma Panduranga Pai (daughter of Panduranga), Kallabettu
082. Vineeth Vinayak Kini (son of Vinayak), Moodabidri
083. Abhishek Balakrishna Kini (son of Balakrishna), Moodabidri
084. Vishal Vivek (son of Asha), Karkala
085. Varun Vasanth Pai (son of Sujatha), Kozikode
086. Shashank Srinivas Kamath (son of Vinutha), Mangalore
087. Shreyas Shantharam Kudva (son of Shantharam), Moodabidri
088. Swathi Shantharam Kudva (daughter of Shantharam), Moodabidri
089. Sridhar Satish Kudva (son of Satish), Bajpe
090. Namratha Sadananda Prabhu (daughter of Sadananda), Karkala
091. Subrahmanya Shantharam Prabhu (son of Shantharam), Kallamundkur
092. Gopalakrishna Suresh Prabhu (son of Suresh), Niddodi
093. Vasudev Ravindra Prabhu (son of Ravindra), Niddodi
094. Deepak Dinesh Shenoy (son of Veena), Padubidri
095. Gopalakrishna Nagesh Prabhu (son of Rajani), Shimoga
096. Priya Surendra Kamath (daughter of Surendra), Udupi
097. Swathi Surendra Kamath (daughter of Surendra), Udupi
098. Vittal Ganesh Mallya (son of Ganesh), Moodabidri
099. Grishma Ganesh Mallya (daughter of Ganesh), Moodabidri

Our Ancestor Mijar Dasappa Kamath

Lottery winner all smiles

Lottery winner all smiles

Child Lottery winner

The Audience

Gift by Lottery

Gift by Lottery

Gift by Lucky-dip

Mohan Shenoy speaking

Gift by Lucky-dip

Buffe Lunch served

Buffe Lunch served

Buffe Lunch served by volunteers

Mahima Shenoy sings

Mahima Shenoy sings

Mahima Shenoy sings

Gifts given to winners

Mohan Shenoy speaks

Gifts given to winners

Gifts given to Students

Gifts given to Students

Gifts given to Students

Gifts given to Child

Gifts given to Child

Mamath Manohar Nayak

Krishnaray, Mohan and Dinesh Mallya

Invitation sent by e-mail:
001. Amit Revadkar (Mumbai)
002. A.V.Shenoy (Mumbai)
003. Vivek Baliga (Mumbai)
004. Deepa Pai (Kannur)
005. K. Vinaya Pai (Kanhangad)
006. Prithvi Kudva (Goa)
007. Namitha V. (Mumbai)
008. Naveen Shenoy (B'lore)
009. Ajit Revadkar (Mumbai)
010. Roopa Shenoy (Sirsi)
011. Ruchira Parurkar (Dadar)
012. Sandeep Bhat (Mumbai)
013. Sudhir P. Nayak (Mumbai)
014. Suresh Kamath (Mumbai)
015. Vijay Bhandarkar (Bangalore)
016. Vittaldas Bhat (Manipal)

Balakrishna Kini

Bhajan Singers Group

Mai reading Quiz paper

Lottery and Lucky-dip slips

Invitation sent By Post
017. Susheela Kamath (Hyderabad)
018. Kasthuri Bhat (Mumbai)
019. Vatsala Bhat (Mumbai)
020. Varija Bhat (Mumbai)
021. Dilip Bhonsle (Mumbai)
022. Satish Bhat (Mumbai)
023. Balakrishna A. Kamath (Mumbai)
024. M. Balakrishna Kini (Moodbidri)
025. G.Damodar Bhat (Mumbai)
026. S.S.Kudva (Mumbai)
027. Dinesh A. Kamath (Mumbai)
028. Taranath Kudva (Mumbai)
029. Ramnath Kudva (Mumbai)
030. Revathi Kamath (Mumbai)
031. Shashikanth and Sharada Kamath (Mumbai)
032. V.D.Kudva (Mumbai)
033. Jai Govind Rewadkar (Mumbai)
034. Shantheri Nayak (Mumbai)
035. Saiprakash Nayak (Mumbai)
036. Sumathi Nayak (Mumbai)
037. Aravind Nayak (Arnal)
038. Jayashree Kiran Pai (Mumbai)
039. Chithra Jaiprakash Rao (Mumbai)
040. R.B.Mallya (Mumbai)
041. Vasanthi Prakash Pai (Mumbai)
042. Sudhir Bhat (Bangalore)
043. Dr. Malathi Bhat (Bangalore)
044. Hanumantha Baliga (Bantwal)
045. Vittal Baliga (Mangalore)
046. Damodar Baliga (Mangalore)
047. Nithyananda Kudva (Bangalore)
048. Kamaldas Kudva (Shirva)
049. G. Vittaldas Bhat (Udupi)
050. Jaya Umanath Kamath (Kunigal)
051. K. Krishna Hegde (Kukkundoor)
052. Devidas S. Kudva (Bangalore)
053. Prakash Hegde (Bantwal)
054. M.P.Kudva (Udupi)
055. Sandhya Bhat (Ujjire)
056. Hemalatha Nayak (Saligram)
057. B. Krishnaprasad Baliga (Moodbidri)
058. Kasthuri Padiyar (Mumbai)
059. K. Manjunath Bhat (Bangalore)
060. Harendranath Shenoy (Udupi)
061. Varadaray Shenoy (Badagu Yedapadav)
062. Mamatha Manohar Nayak (Sirsi)
063. Prabhakar Pai (Kukkundoor)
064. Prabhakar Pai (Sasthan)
065. I. Ramdas Prabhu (Chennai)
066. H. Krishna Pai (Bangalore)
067. Baddur Krishnaray Prabhu (Vamanjoor)
068. Raghuveer Prabhu (Puttur)
069. Bharathi S. Shenoy (Bangalore)
070. Nithyananda Pai (Moodabidri)
071. Manjunath Shenoy (Uppinangady)
072. Rathnakar Rao (Kinnigoli)
073. Asha Ramesh Prabhu (Brahmavar)
074. A.D.Shenoy (Mangalore)
075. Sudha K. Singbal (Goa)
076. Swetha V. Shenoy (Pune)
077. Bhaskar Shenoy (Badagu Yedapadav)
078. Vinayak Kini (Moodabidri)
079. Vijendra Shenoy (Bangalore)
080. Devayani Shenoy (Yedapadav)
081. G. Ananth Bhat (Hospet)
082. Raghupathy Shenoy (Yedapadav)
083. Subraya Prabhu (Puttur)
084. Sanjay and Maina Shet (Mangalore)
085. Vaman Bhandarkar and Saguna (Bangalore)
086. Mohini Kudva (Mumbai)
087. Srinath Kamath (Venoor)
088. Bhaskar Khandeparkar (Goa)
089. Jyothi S. Kamath (Bangalore)
090. Maya and Prakash Rao (Bangalore)
091. Ravindra Kudva (Mysore)
092. Seetharam Kudva (Sirva Manchkal)
093. A. Ananth Prabhu (Mangalore)
094. K.Damodar Pai (Kanjangad)
095. Shivananda Prabhu (Puttur)
096. M.M.Kudva (Bangalore)
097. Achuth Prabhu (Kinnigoli)
098. Varadaraya Prabhu (Surathkal)
099. Leka V. Kamath (Bangalore)
100. Ramraya Kini (Bantwal)
101. Revathi Prabhu (Niddodi)
102. Dr. Jagannath Kamath (Mangalore)
103. Suneethi S. Kudva (Sirva-Manchkal)
104. Raghunath Babray Mallya (Mumbai)
105. Harish Bhat and Jayashree (Mangalore)
106. Radhakrishna Shenoy (Yedapadav)
107. Madhav Shenoy (Yedapadav)
108. Prabhakar Shenoy (Yedapadav)
109. Harish Shenoy (Mulleria)
110. Roopa Ramesh Shenoy (Sirsi)
111. Eknath Shenoy (Mangalore)
112. Shobha A. Kamath (Mangalore)
113. Keshav Kamath and Jani (Manipal)
114. Meera Vittal Mallya (Moodbidri)
115. B. Vardray Nayak and Vinaya (Bangalore)
116. Upendra Pai and Usha (Puttur)
117. Prashanth Shenoy (Manipal)
118. Navami Comforts (Vasanth Bhat) (Moodbidri)
119. Praveen Kudva (Jaipur)
120. Namitha Vijayakumar (Mumbai)
121. Yamuna Kamath (Mumbai)
122. Suresh (Surendranath) Kamath (Mumbai)
123. S. Lakshman Kamath (Mumbai)

Disha Mallya speaking

Nandini Rao

Shanthi Kudva speaking

Satish Kudva speaking

Sriraksha Pai singing

   Savitha Kudva singing

Sriraksha Pai singing

Goverdhan Nayak mimicry

Subray Prabhu singing

Vaishnavi singing

Sujatha Pai singing

Sujatha Pai saying shloka

Swathi Prabhu singing

Bhajan group singing

Three Sisters singing

Mohan Shenoy giving Thanks



Front row seated: Rajgopal, Mohandas Kudva, Vijaya, Vasanth Pai, Mohandas Bhat, Babray Kamath, Srinivas Kamath, Shashank, Satish and Shantharam. Standing back row: Asha Vivek, Bhavya, Geetha (Amba, daughter of Uma, wife of Vijay Kamath), Vishal (son of Asha), Rajesh (son of Mohandas), Sujaatha (daughter of Uma, wife of Vasanth), Shreyas (son of Shantharam), Swathi, Varun, Shanthi, Bharathi (wife of Baburay), Swathi (Vinutha, daughter of Sujaatha), Devika (wife of Satish), Sridhar (son of Satish), Sowmya (wife of Shantharam).


Standing in the back: Balakrishna Shenoy, Padmavathi. Sumanth, Satish Joshi, Shyamala, Gowri (Savitha), Prathima, Suchithra, Karthik, Jayalakshmi, Deepa, Ashwin Nayak in the back, Revathi, Ganesh, Shankar Nayak, Neha (guest), Rachana, Ramachandra, Baby Vrinda, Shalini.Seated on the chair: Kasthuri, Yashodha (Sumana), Devayani, Padmavathi (Sulochana), Raghupathy, Bhagirathi, Radhakrishna, Veena (Ashwini).Sittin on the floor: Gautham, Gowri, Sumana, Avanish, Bharathi, Ridhish, Suma, Mamatha, Vighnesh, Sujith.


Standing: Sudarshan Shenoy, Vidya, Dinesh Shenoy, Dinesh Mallya, Divya, Vinaya, Dhanush, Disha, Lakshmi, Shashidhar, Divya Dinesh Shenoy, Pallavi, Pavithra, Sumithra, Girishankar with baby Naaraayani, Poornima. Sitting: Sadananda, Krishnaray, Raadhakrishna, Varadaray and Pawan, Vanitha, Srimathi, Prabhakar, Manjunath Kini.


Standing: Padmanabha, Vijaya, Surekha, Ananth, Vasudev (in front), Shwetha, Madangopal, Karthik, Chaithra, Krithika, Prajwal, Prasad. Sitting: Ganesh, Gayathri, Mamatha, Prema, Krishnananda, Kavitha, Prabhakar, Prveen (in lap), Poornima.


Standing: Abhay, Achuth Prabhu, Bharathi, Sumana, Arjun, Vijaya, Sakhu, Varun, Aasha, Ranjit, Archana, Raghavendra. Sitting: Umanath Kamath, Jayanthi, Nandini (Nirupama), Rathnakar Rao, Surendranath Kamath, Mohandas, Ramesh Prabhu with Sumangala, Prabhakar Pai with Vidya.


Standing: Jagannath (son of Mohan Prabhu), Govinda (Son of Mohan Prabhu), Geetha (wife of Govinda) holding son Mohan, Poornima (daughter of Govinda), Shambhavi (daughter of Govinda), Ganesh (son of Mohan Dange), Sandhya (wife of Mohan Dange), Kumuda (wife of Goverdhan Nayak), Poornima (wife of Vaaman Prabhu), Jayalakshmi (wife of Padmanabha Prabhu), Priya (daughter of Padmanabha Prabhu), Vishala (wife of Vishwanath Prabhu), Vidya (wife of Vishnu Prabhu), Vikram (son of Vishnu Prabhu), Vinod (son of Vishnu Prabhu), Narasimha (son of Padmanabha Prabhu), Venkatesh (son of Vishwanath Prabhu).
Sitting: Mohan Dange (son-in-law of Vedavathi), Meera (Rukmini, wife of Mohan Dange), Rohini (widow of late Gudde Angadi Purushottam Nayak), Goverdhan (son of Rohini), Vaaman (son of Sridhar Prabhu), Padmanabha (son of Sridhar Prabhu), Vishwanath (son of Sridhar Prabhu), Vishnu (son of Sridhar Prabhu).


From L to R Standing: Subramanya, Savitha, Seetharam, Radhakrishna.
Sitting: Roopa, Jayashree, Bharathi, Shanthi, Mohan, Nithyananda, Kamaldas and Mohandas  (August 2010)


Standing: Savitha, Prakash Hegde, Raghupathy, Sudarshan Shenoy, Uttam, Ullas, Varun, Sridhar, Shreyas in the back, Srinivas Kamath, Yogesh, Suresh, Pandurang, Radhakrishna, Ganesh, Gautham, A guest. Sitting: Roopa, Jayanthi, Bharathi, Shanthi, Mohan, (two boys in the back), Nithyananda, Babray, Varadray.


Standing from left to right: Sudeesh, Srinath. Uttam, Ullas, Padmavathi
Sitting from left to right: Varadaraya, Jayalakshmi, Sharada (Vinoda), Swathi with child Sumeeth, Upendra, Usha, Purushottam


Standing: Ravindra holding Vasudev, Veena in front, Annapoorna, Sahana, Karthik, Ramnath, Hemalatha in front, Priya in the back, Swathi, Geetha, Vighnesh, Gopalakrishna in the front, Namritha, Shanthi, Shantharam in the back, Preethi, Subrahmanya in the back, Greeshma in the front, Surendra in the back, Nandini, Ganesh in the back, Swathi, Vittal in the back, Rajani, Deepak in the back, Vasanthi, Ajith in the back, Gopalakrishna.
Sitting: Devidas, Deepika, Padmavathi (Revathi), Radha (Jani), Jaya (Lilli), Prema, Sadananda, Nagesh.


Standing: Reshma, Smitha in the back, Vimala in the front, Santosh in the back, Srikanth in the front, Ullas, Ashwini, Ashok in the back, Sudeep in the front, Ganesh, Roopa, Shreyas in front, Sheela, Yogesh in the back, Suma, Shakuntala, Raghavendra in the back, Sumathi in front, Ranjani in the front, Pandurang with Suma, Pallavi in front, Savitha, Veena, Suresh Pai.
Sitting: Lakshmi (Sarojini), Sugandhi, Ravikala with Shashank, Shivaray Bhat, Govindray Shenoy, Devanand Shenoy, Ramadas Shenoy and Pundalik Bhandarkar.
Standing: Upendra, Prateeksha, Sriraksha, Pushpa, Vinaya, Srinivas, Sujeeth in the back, Sridevi.
Sitting: Prakash Hegde, Shamala, Malathi (Shanthi), Ananth Pai, Subray Prabhu, Mohan, Dinesh, Kalpana.



Invocation - Prayer

Inauguration by Lighting lamp

Obiturary reference

Book Release

Mass Vara Puja Part 1

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Child picks Lottery slip Part 2

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Sumanth Joishi's Vedaghosha

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Savitha Kudva

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