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This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
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was held on Sunday, the 16th August, 2009 from 10.30 a.m. To 4 p.m.,
at Sharada Kala Mandir, Sri Rama Bhajana Mandali Premises, Yedapadavu (Mijar), Mangalore.

Dr. Mohan Shenoy wrote letters to invite all the members of the Adyar Gopal Parivar to come and attend the Annual Convention.

Letter from Dr. Mohan Shenoy
(Convener of Adyar Gopal Parivar)
21st July. 2009
Dear Relative,
I am pleased to invite you and your family to our Annual Convention to be held on Sunday, the 16th August, 2009 at the Sharada Kala Mandir, Sri Rama Bhajana Mandali Premises, Yedapadavu (Mijar), Mangalore.
The 103rd birth anniversary of late Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy also falls on 21-9-2009. In order to keep the memory of my father late Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy alive and active, I have invited only the members of Adyar Gopal Parivar from right and left including the relatives of his wife Radha Bai (or Amba) so that this meeting becomes more or less like a business meeting with no fan-fare of any kind.
The main purpose of the meeting is for the blood relatives of Adyar Gopal to come together and renew their family links.
The wives and husbands of the blood relatives and their children and grand-children are taken to be equal to the blood relatives. Any one would come and attend the meeting and join the club purely on the basis of his or her blood relationship and how much love and respect he or she has for Sampige Madhav Kini, Mijar Madhav Shenoy, Mijar Annappa Kamath, Manchkal Lakshman Kudva, Hiranki Shanthayya Kini, and Adyar Manjunath Shenoy who happen to be our ancestors. There is no membership fees of any kind.
I request you to consider this as my personal invitation to you to come to Yedapadavu and attend this special function, and pay your respects to the dead and express your love and affection to the living relatives, through Adyar Gopal Parivar.
You and your wife and child/children are listed as members of this Adyar Gopal Parivar. Please ask your brothers and sisters and their spouses and children to send me their names to enrol as members, if they have not already done so. The spouses are considered equal to the members.
Since food is going to be served.I request you to let me know if you are attending, and how many members will accompany you.
For those who come from far out stations the Parivar will reimburse part of the travel expenses. Let me know if you intend to present any cultural item, such as singing songs, dancing, or other cultural items, or give a small talk.
We need volunteers to help us to manage the event. Please enroll yourself for cultural item or to become a volunteer.
There will be a small amount of allowance money given to volunteers, and prizes to the cultural items.
There will be a lottery held to distribute prizes of total amount Rs. 23,000.
There will also be Student Prizes ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 2000 per prize.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Mohan Shenoy

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Dr. Mohan Shenoy

The following members attended the function:
01. Dr. Mohan Shenoy, Bangalore
02. Mr. H. Subraya Prabhu, Puttur
03. Mr. M. Varadaraya Shenoy, Mijar
04. Mrs. Shanthi Pai, Adyanadka
05. Mr. Prabhakar Hegde, Bantwal
06. Mrs. Priya Hegde, Bantwal
07. Miss Prateeksha Hegde, Bantwal
08. Mrs. Suryakala Hegde, Karkala
09. Mr. Krishna Hegde, Karkala
10. Dr. A. Muralidhar G. Shenoy, Mangalore
11. Miss Sreeraksha Pai, Kanjangad
12. Miss Vinaya Pai, Kanjangad
13. Mrs. Pushpa Pai, Kanjangad
14. Mrs. Sreedevi Pai, Kanjangad
15. Master Sreekant Pai, Kanjangad
16. Master Srinivas Pai, Kanjangad
17. Master Vijay Shenoy, Yedapadavu
18. Mr. Sadananda Kudva, Shirva
19. Mrs. Suneethi Kudva, Shirva
20. Master Subrahmanya Kudva, Shirva
21. Mrs. Savitha Kudva, Shirva
22. Mrs. Krishnabai Kudva, Shirva
23. Mrs. Divya Shenoy, Karkala
24. Master Vasudev Shenoy, Karkala
25. Mrs. Jaya Nayak, Panemangalore
26. Mrs. Devayani Shenoy, Yedapadavu
27. Mr. Keerthan Shenoy, Yedapadavu
28. Mr. Raghupathy Shenoy, Yedapadavu
29. Mr. Mohandas Kudva, Mangalore
30. Mrs. Vijaya Kudva, Mangalore
31. Mrs. Geetha V. Kamath, Mudabidri
32. Mrs. Sowmya S. Kudva, Mudabidri
33. Miss Swathi Kudva, Mudabidri
34. Master Shreyas Kudva, Mudabidr
35. Mrs. Mamatha M. Nayak, Sirsi
36. Master Madangopal M. Nayak, Sirsi
37. Master Manoj M. Nayak, Sirsi
38. Miss Bharathi Shenoy, Yedapadavu
39. Miss Sumana Shenoy, Yedapadavu
40. Mrs. Jayalakshmi Shenoy, Yedapadavu
41. Mrs. Deepa D. Shenoy, Yedapadavu
42. Mr. Rajnikanth Shenoy, Yedapadavu
43. Mr. Varadaraya Prabhu, Surathkal
44. Mrs. Jayalakshmi Prabhu, Surathkal
45. Mr. Vinayak Kini, Mudabidri
46. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Kini, Mudabidri
47. Master Vinutha Kini, Mudabidr
i48. Mr. Harendranath Shenoy, Udupi
49. Mrs. Maya Shenoy, Udupi
50. Master Mahindra Shenoy, Udupi
51. Miss Mahima Shenoy, Udupi
52. Mr. Shantharam Kudva, Moodabidri
53. Mr. Balakrishna Kini, Moodabidri
54. Master Shashidhar Shenoy, Mijar
55. Mrs. Vanitha V. Shenoy, Mijar
56. Mrs. Jayashree Kudva, Mijar
57. Mrs. Pavithra Shenoy, Manchkal
58. Mrs. V. Sharada Kamath, Venoor
59. Mr. Srinath, Kamath, Venoor
60. Master Sudish Kamath, Venoor
61. Mrs. Bharathi S. Shenoy, Bangalore
62. Mrs. Shanthi N. Kudva, Bangalore
53. Miss Pallavi Shenoy, Mijar
54. Master Rohit Shenoy, Mijar
55. Mrs. Sumana V. Prabhu, Mangalore
66. Master Kevin Prabhu, Mangalore
67. Mrs. Vinaya Shanbhogue, Mijar
68. Mrs. Shanthi M. Bhatta, Mangalore
69. Mrs. Bharathi Kamath, Bangalore
70. Miss Preetha Kamath, Bangalore
71. Mr. Upendra Pai, Puttur
72. Mrs. Usha Pai, Puttur
73. Master Ullas Pai, Puttur
74. Master Uttam Pai, Puttur
75. Mrs. Sumangala Bhandarkar, Mangalore
76. Mr. Satish Bhandarkar, Mangalore
77. Master Yashwant Shenoy, Mijar
78. Mrs. Bhaskar Shenoy, Mijar
79. Mrs. Suma S. Nayak, Moorkaveri, Kinnigoli
80. Mr. Prabhakar Shenoy, Mijar
81. Master Sanjeev Rao, Kinnigoli
82. Mrs. Divya D. Shenoy, Yedapadav
83. Master Nikhil Pai, Moodabidri
84. Mrs. Nanditha Pai, Moodabidri
85. Mr. Kamaldas Kudva, Manchkal
86. Mr. Shashidhar Kini, Sasthan
87. Mrs. Kumudini Kini, Sasthan
88. Mr. Radhakrishna Shenoy, Yedapadavu
89. Mr. Dinesh Shenoy, Yedapadavu
90. Mr. Ravindra Prabhu, Niddodi
91. Mrs. Annapurna Prabhu, Niddodi
92. Master Vasudev Prabhu, Niddodi
93. Mrs. Rachana Shenoy, Kanjarkatte
94. Mr. Ramachandra Shenoy, Kanjarkatte
95. Miss Vrinda Shenoy, Kanjarkatte
96. Master Ridhish Shenoy, Kanjarkatte
Names of the Students who received cash prizes for their achievements in education are as follows:

1. Srinivas Pai, Kanjangad
2. Srikantha Pai, Kanjangad
3. Sriraksha Pai, Kanjangad
4. Vinaya Pai, Kanjangad
5. Vasudeva Shenoy, Mijar
6. Prateeksha Hegde, Bantwal
7. Vijay Shenoy, Mijar
8. Vinutha Kini, Moodabidri
9. Shreyas Kudva, Mudabidri
10. Sumana Shenoy, Mijar
11. Bharathi Shenoy, Mijar
12. Madangopal Nayak, Sirsi
13. Swathi Kudva, Mudabidri
14. Subrahmanya Kudva, Shirva
15. Kevin Prabhu, Mangalore
16. Sudish Kamath, Venoor
17. Pallavi Shenoy, Mijar
18. Rohit Shenoy, Mijar
19. Nikhil Pai, Mudabidri
20. Manoj Nayak, Sirsi
21. Uttam Pai, Puttur
22. Mahendra Shenoy, Udupi
23. Mahima Shenoy, Udupi
Names of Volunteers who helped in the management of the function:

1. Vinaya Pai, Kanjangad
2. Vijay Shenoy, Mijar
3. Subrahmanya Kudva, Shirva
4. Surekha Hegde, Karkala
5. Krishna Hegde, Karkala
6. Sriraksha Pai, Kanjangad
7. Malathi Pai, Adyanadka
8. Priya Hegde, Bantwal
9. Prakash Hegde, Bantwal
10. Prateeksha Hegde, Bantwa
11. Varadaraya Shenoy, Mijar
12. Madangopal Nayak, Sirsi
13. Raghupathy Shenoy, Mijar
14. Sridevi Pai, Kanjangad
List of householders to whom the invitation was sent:

Sri. M. Vaman Bhandarkar Bangalore
Mrs. Varija Bhat Malad East, Mumbai
Mrs. Vatsala Bhat Wadala MUMBAI
Dr. Malathi K.Bhat Bangalore

Sri. G. Ananth Bhat Hospet Bellary Dist.
Smt. G. Kasthuri Bhat DOMBIVLI EAST
Sri Sudheer Bhat BANGALORE
Sri Satish Bhat, Mahim, Mumbai

Dr. Dilip Bhosale, and Dr Sushma Bhosale, Chembur, Mumbai
Sri Hanumantha Baliga Jakkarbettu, BANTWAL
Sri G. Vittal Das Bhat UDUPI
Sri K. Manjunath Bhat Bangalore

Sri G. Damodar Bhat Kalina, MUMBAI
Sri B. Damodar Baliga MANGALORE
Sri Vittal Baliga MANGALORE
Sri B. Krishnaprasad Baliga Moodabidri
Smt. Hemalatha SALIGRAM

Sri Prakash Hegde P. B.C.Road
Sri K.Krishna Hegde Kukkundur
Sri Balakrishna A. Kamath Dahisar West, Mumbai
Sri Dinesh Achuth Kamath Sewree West, MUMBAI
Smt. Jaya Umanath Kamath Kunigal.
Sri. Kamaladas Kudva SHIRVA MANCHKAL
Smt. Susheela Kamath HYDERABAD
Sri M.Nithyananda Kudva Bangalore
Sri. M.P.Kudva Udupi
Sri. M.Ravindra Kudva Mysore
Sri Srinath Kamath VENOOR.
Sri.Sadananda Kudva Shirva Manchkal,
Dr. Sumana Jagannath Kamath Mangalore

Sri S.S.Kudva Borivli West, MUMBAI
Sri Ganesh Kudva Goa
Smt. Leka Kamath, BANGALORE
Sri Suresh Kamath Khandivli East, MUMBAI
Sri H. Ramaraya Kini, BANTWAL.

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