Adyar Gopal Parivar
The Role of Women in our Society

               Physiologically women are not equal to men. Psychologically too they are different. Both men and women
behave differently in life in many ways. There is not much difference between women and men in the usual activities
like eating, drinking, working, sleeping, resting and speaking. But women have physical and physiological differences
based on their functions like child-bearing and child-rearing. The genital organs of men and women are structured
based on their functions in reproductive objectives. No one can dispute the fact that women and men react differently
when it comes to taking care of their children.
               On the other hand the behaviour of people of either sex depends upon how she or he is brought up. Both
woman and man do what they have learnt during their upbringing as far as their reactions to various situations in their
life. If a physiological male baby is brought up as a female baby right from the time of birth, then he might dress like a
woman, think like a woman and talk like a woman. He might work like a woman and develop all qualities of a woman
except that he will realize by the age of 14 or 15 or even earlier that he can not bear children. He will compare himself
with the other people around him. He will compare his body with the body of his companions. Therefore it is not
possible to equate women with men in all spheres of life.
               However, traditions do not die easily. The world has treated women differently in terms of her rights and
dues as compared to the men. Men have dominated the world and put the women in a separate perspective. If a
woman is taught the semantics of dominating over men then it is possible for her to reverse the trends and traditions.
Women only have to assert their abilities to perform all functions required of a dominant section of a society.
Therefore it depends upon the methods and manners of upbringing and learning process for women to shed their
traditional profiles. This is possible if each household takes up this task of bringing up each girl child in exactly the
same way as a boy child. Since as I said before, there is no difference between a man and a woman in the usual
activities like eating, drinking, working, sleeping, resting, speaking etc.. If a girl child is made to dress like a boy, work
like a boy, talk like a boy and grow like a boy in each household then it is possible for a mother and a father to see
their girl child grow to be as good or better than a boy child. It will not make any difference for the parents if their
offspring is male or female, if each is brought up similarly as he or she grows up disregarding its gender.
                   In the twenty-first century there is going to be a trend towards single-child families. A mother will restrict to
one single child to bear and bring up. A father will realize that this is the best thing to do viz. restrict to one single child
to bear and bring up in his life time.
               This single child will have to provide all the life qualities that are available in the world for itself as well as to
people with whom it will have relations, like the parents, cousins, in-laws etc., regardless whether it is a boy or a girl.
The society will have to prepare the single child in the family and society to play its roles and function as an all-in-one
provider person (APP). The functions of the reproductive objectives will have to continue without compromising on the
role of the provider person. The mothers will have to stop treating their girl child in the same manner as their mothers
did to them when they were growing up.
                   How will a mother who has grown up in a male dominated world know how to bring up her girl child in the
new family order? How will she gear up to the mighty task of negating the traditions and age-old practices of bringing
up girl children to play the role exclusively as a woman?  The mother will have to work constantly towards this objective
and this goal by making suitable changes in her thinking and practice of the methods and manners of rearing the girl
child into an adult all-in-one provider person (APP). It is not right to think of this APP girl child as a replacement for a
boy in the family.
                   We do not want a girl-child to grow like a boy child. We only want a girl child to do all tasks that are
required of a single-child in any family. Then, she has to function also as a woman, wife, and mother to fulfill her role
as a woman member of the society. A single girl child need not lose her grace of a woman, nor her properties that
fulfill her role as a female partner in courtship, romance and as a prospective bride. When she gets married she
should not lose her membership and her obligations in her parents' household. This change in the culture of parents
in a single-child family is a necessity as well as the preferred way to stabilize the society for development and progress
in the new world older. This new culture has already begun to take foothold in our society across the country. A
jean-clad teen-ager is an example of this new culture.  A working mother is another example of this culture if she
happens to have one single girl child and if she is bringing her up as an APP girl child.
                   It is the objective of all parents to try to bring up and educate child to take up one occupation, vocation or
profession to lead a good life. An agriculturist wishes that his child take up agriculture as its future occupation. A
shopkeeper wishes his child to become a shopkeeper. A musician would like his child to become a musician. This is
because it is easy for a child to take up the family business and profession since the child will be constantly in touch
with the nuances of running such a business or profession of its father/mother. It is the goal of every person to
maintain good health and acquire wealth. Every profession, vocation or occupation has the potential to keep a person
healthy and wealthy. Every person can play the role of a good citizen by taking up any avocation in the person's life.
How do we judge a person for his status in life? The status of a labourer should be equal to the status of an
industrialist as far as their roles as a citizen.
                   Like every citizen has equal right to vote so should he or she have a respectable and equal status in the
society regardless of their profession or business. A person is judged by his health and wealth and not only by his
profession or business, or occupation. If this can happen then people will not hanker solely to become a doctor or a
highly qualified officer in the government. It should be possible for a lady doctor to marry a man who is an agriculturist
by profession or vice versa if they so chose. Every citizen has a right to maintain good health and acquire ample
wealth by his own efforts and lawful means.
                   In the Gowda Saraswath Brahmin (GSB) society we all have a goal to contribute to the general
development and growth of the country apart from our own goal to progress in life through our culture and traditions. It
will become imperative that we adopt ourselves to the new family order. It is the trend now to have a single child family
among us GSBs. Then it is necessary to bring up our child as an
APP and prepare the child to take up a suitable
profession, vocation or business of its choice to lead a good life as a citizen of the country. The role of our mothers
becomes important to achieve this goal. The GSB mothers of the twenty-first century will have to bring up their
children to become an
APP so that there is fullness in the lives in the GSB community in the coming decades.

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