Adyar Gopal and Radha Bai
About Adyar Gopal Parivar
We Belong To One Large Family
The Parivar is Young
Adyar Gopal Parivar has
members who are as old as 70
and even 80 years but this club is
just born on the 23rd September
2007 by being inaugurated by
one of the active members, viz.
Sri Manchakal Mohandas Kudva.  
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The Aim of the Parivar is to unite the
members of these families into one
cultural and social group

Now it is considered
necessary to set up a website
for publishing the activities of
the Parivar, and therefore this
has come into existence.
Member Eligibility
Who Are Eligible to become Members?
  • Descendants of Sampige
    Madhav Kini
  • Descendants of the three
    sisters who married the grooms
    of Mijar Kamaths, Mijar Shenoys
    and Hiranki Kinis.
  • Descendants of Adyar
    Gopalakrishna Shenoy
Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy had three
sisters and two brothers.  His
grandfather and father, both died in the
small-pox epidemic that devastated
Adyar village in 1909. Apart from the
descendants of Gopalakrishna and his
brothers and sisters, there are no other
survivors in the Adyar family of Adyar
All the information provided to this
website and to the Adyar Gopal Parivar
is published on the web and so it will all
be available
to the public at large.
Only the names and their relationships
with the forefathers is published and
addresses and telephone numbers will
be retained in the files.  These
addresses and telephone numbers
may be made available to other
if asked for.
Privacy policy
Adyar Shenoys
Use of this website
We invite the members to use this
website to announce births, deaths,
weddings, graduations, promotions,
giving thanks, winning awards, and
such other events in the family by
contacting Dr. Mohan Shenoy at phone
26797278 ( prefix with appropriate local
and international codes where
necessary) or sending email to
This is a free service.
In fact all member services are free of
any cost to members.
There is no membership fee of any
kind.  Members are members by birth in
the scheduled families.
About Adyar Gopal
Late Adyar Gopalakrishna
Shenoy was born on 21st
September 1906 at the Adyar
Village situated about 8 kilometers
from the port city of Mangalore on
the west coast of Karnataka State
India.  He married Amba the
eldest daughter of Mijar
Manjunath Kamath and Radhu.
Mijar Manjunath Kamath was the
younger son of Mijar Annappa
Kamath and Radhu was the third
daughter of Sampige Madhav
Kini. Adyar Gopal Parivar
therefore invites all those people
who were born in these families
viz. the Adyar Shenoy family, the
Mijar Kamath family and Sampige
Kini family.  People born to
brothers and sisters of Mijar
Annappa Kamath and his wife and
of Radhu are also welcome
to join us.
About The Parivar
The Parivar (the club) is the brain
child of Dr. Adyar Mohan Shenoy,
the third son of late Sri Adyar
Gopalakrishna Shenoy.  It was
inaugurated at a function held in
Mangalore on 23rd September
2007 by Sri M.Mohandas Kudva,
son of late Sri Narayana Kudva of
the Manchakal Kudva family of
late Sri Lakshman Kudva, the
grandfather of Mohandas.
Goverdhan married Naaraayani and they got nine children: Anusooya,
Raadhakrishna, Prabhaakar, Chandra Kala, Premaanand, Yashwanth, Dinesh
Susheela and Maadhav.
Anusooya married Chittaranjan Prabhu and they got three children: Prashanth,
Vasanth and Sumanth.
Raadhakrishna married Vinaya and they got two children: Ranjith and Rohit.
Prabhaakar married Pavithra and they got one child: Pallavi.
Chandrakala married Ashok Pai and they got two children; Anupama and Ajith.
Premaanand married Priya and they got one child: Srinivas.
Yashwanth is a bachelor (Oct. 2010)
Dinesh married Divya.
Susheela is also known as Surekha and her married name is Vidya. Susheela
married Suresh Kamath and they got two children: Vineeth and Namitha.
Madhav remains a bachelor.

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Nagappayya married Chandrayani and they had seven chilren: 1. Raghupathy,
2. Vaarija  3. Damodar,
4. Bhagirathi, 5. Yashodha, 6. Nirmala, 7. Raamachandra.

Raghupathy married Jayalakshmi and got three children: 1. Vaasudev, 2.
Vijendra, 3. Sumana.

Vaarija died a spinster.

Damodar married Deepa and they got two children: 1. Bhaarathi, 2. Vijay.

Bhagirathi married Radhakrishna Shenoy and gave birth to three children: 1.
Prashanth, 2. Prathima,
3. Suchithra
Prashanth married Prathiksha and got one child: Prajwal
Prathima married Umesh Shenoy and got one child: Mamatha
Suchithra married Ashwin Nayak and they got one child: Ankith.

Yashodha married Shantharam Nayak and gave birth to two children: 1.
Sandesh, 2. Raghavendra.

Nirmala married Chandrakar Kamath and gave birth to three children: 1.
Ashvini, 2. Avinaash, 3. Anwitha.

Raamachandra married Rachana and they got two children: 1. Ridish, 2. Vrinda
Pinki got married to Baddur Appa. Their children are: 1. Nethravathi  2.

Nethravathi married Ganesh Mallya and gave birth to six children. They are:
1. Krishnabai  2. Suguna  3. Suresh, 4. Dinesh  5. Harish  6. Saroja

Krishnabai married Shantharam Pai and gave birth to two children: 1. Ahwini  2.
Suguna married Gopal Pai and gave birth to two children: 1. Rajesh  2. Girish
Suresh married Sunitha who bore him two children: 1. Sunil  2. Sudhir
Dinesh married Anuraadha, (daughter of Krishnaray) who gave birth to two
children: 1. Disha 2. Dhanush
Harish married Anitha who gave birth to two children: 1. Akshatha 2. Akshay
Sudha married Ganesh Nayak and gave birth to two children: 1. Anjani  2.

Krishnaray married TulasiBai and they got four children. They are: 1. Gopinath  
2. Narayan  3. Anuraadha  
4. Sudha
Gopinath married Poornima and they got two children: 1. Raajaram  2.
Narayan remained a bachelor.
Anuraadha married Dinesh Mallya (son of her aunth Nethravathi). (see above).
Sudha married Gurudas Mallya and they got one child: Archana
Vasudev married Bhavaani
Bhavaani delivered seven children:
1) Pinki  2) Nagappayya  3) Goverdhan  4) Sulochana  5) Janardhan  6)
Subbanna  7) Koppalli
There is more....
(Yet to be entered)